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Why Guest Blogging Should Be a Major Part of Your SEO Strategy

The top goal for many business owners and companies in general when creating an SEO strategy is to achieve the #1 top ranking on Google (or other search engines). This is a pretty broad objective. It’s better to start with small goals, like increasing traffic to your website, as this is going to signal to […]

5 New Interactive Media Marketing Trends for 2019

The rise of interactive media means that marketing professionals have been able to get creative with their strategies. Our audiences aren’t passive anymore — now, they’re able to interact with their favorite brands and even influence the directions that they take.  You’re probably already familiar with some of the most common ways to interact with […]

Augmented Reality Marketing: Why AR is in Digital Marketing to Stay

Spending on augmented reality and virtual reality could exceed $20 billion in 2019. For a technology considered to be a gimmick just a few short years ago, that’s not too bad. What’s changed people’s minds about AR in particular? Games like Pokemon Go brought the technology to the forefront of the public’s attention. Apps like […]

Live Your Dream: How to Monetize a WordPress Blog

Have you been blogging for a while and wondering what the point of it all is? Trying to monetize your blog can seem like something out of reach if you aren’t familiar with digital marketing. Throwing your thoughts out into the void of the world wide web isn’t exactly getting it done. You need to […]

Backlinking Guide: How to Get High PR Links in 2019

Sites want to rank well in Google search results and one of the factors Google places a high value on is backlinks. These are links from websites to your site. The more valuable the backlink, the more importance Google places on it for rankings. One of the ways Google rates website for importance is page […]