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Better Backlinks: 10 SEO Link Posting Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Did you know that in the US businesses spend over $700 billion dollars on digital marketing? The reason behind this colossal spending is simple: digital marketing works. First-page ranking on Google means vastly more attention than even second-page ranking. Clear and effective marketing that meets the needs of visitors converts visitors to customers. However, with […]

Local SEO for Small Businesses: Everything You Need to Know to Rank Locally

When we’re feeling hungry, want to compare product prices, or wish to explore, we pull out our smartphones. Search engines hold all the answers. It’s no wonder that 56% of mobile searches are from people looking for local information. This can include phone numbers, hours, directions, or the physical address. With every local search that’applies […]

How to Optimize Social Media and Boost Your SEO

The relationship between social media and SEO is a complex one. In the past, a lot of confusion has been stirred by Google officials. The search engine behemoth may have declared social media isn’t a direct ranking factor, but there’s a ton of proof social signals do affect ranking. So, what gives? Well, Google doesn’t […]