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Link Sellers: Get Your February Bonus!

Hey Link Sellers! If you have extra WordPress blogs, now is the time to add them to PostLinks. For the month of February, we are offering a $5 bonus for each new active site you add to your publisher account. That’s $5 for EACH NEW DOMAIN! No PR? No Problem! Yes, of course we would […]

BackLinks.com Changes Metrics

For over a decade, SEO professionals have used PageRank to measure the quality of a web page. But, that started to change recently when Google (announced) they were no longer going to update PageRank in the toolbar. Luckily, we were prepared… To find out more, check out the post on BackLinks.com. Learn More

Hey Link Sellers…This is Important!

Anyone who has ever sold a backlink knows that links from good quality sites are worth a heck of a lot more than links from spammy sites. But, how do we know which sites are garbage and which sites provide real value? Well, up until recently, Google PageRank has been the industry standard for gauging […]

How To Get On The Cutting Edge of SEO

What if I told you I could make your SEO work 50 X easier? How exactly? By staying on the cutting edge of SEO in 2014. You see, in the last few years lots of helpful resources and tools have come out to make our jobs as SEOs way way easier. Saving us time, giving […]

Link Seller Quality Guidelines

We are in the process of updating our Site Quality Guidelines to reflect recent changes in SEO and common requests from our link buyers. Site Quality Guidelines A Consistent Topic Nothing turns a potential link buyer off more than a domain name about hockey, with a site title about realty, that has content about mortgages […]

Link building is changing…And so are we.

With every algorithm update, it is all-hands-on-deck around here to make sure that each product adheres to the latest link building best practices. The problem is we have a lot of products… In order to provide better service, we have decided to focus our resources on our four most effective link building platforms. If you […]