2 More Ways to Earn Money with Parked Domains

Monetize your web site
You’ve probably heard of domain parking. You may even have some domains parked somewhere.

But are they just sitting there or are they turning into SEO assets? Are your domains parked on a single splash page or are they full websites that have fresh content coming in daily, based on your niche keywords? Are you sharing your earnings or do you get to keep 100% of the revenue you generate?

If not, you had better change your provider.

Our free (yes free!) domain parking service, SEOParking.com, gives you the ability to create full-featured niche websites with unlimited pages, updated daily with fresh content.

  • Specify your keywords and our system will automatically pull in fresh articles, YouTube Videos, and Twitter feeds based on the schedule you define.
  • Monetize your site using AdSense, Amazon, or other ad program and keep 100% of the revenue
  • Take advantage of over 100 different Class C IP’s and dozens of templates

It gets better…

We recently launched a new affiliate program that gives you 2 new ways to earn money from parked domains. Earn money from new domains that you add AND refer users and earn money for new domains that they add.

Sign up for a new SEOParking.com account today! Then, log into your control panel, and click on the “Affiliate Program” link to get started!