The 4-Step Online Reputation Management Formula

Online Reputation Management from MegaSocialProfile.comBack when I was kid, people would threaten payback with talk of lawyers and lawsuits to bully people into complying with their demands. Today, people threaten to bully their “enemies” by blogging negative press about them or making negative posts in forums.

Our online reputations have become more and more important. Potential employers, potential clients, and even potential romantic partners do their own secret private investigation by Googling people’s names and companies to find out the “real” dirt. Negative press on the first page of search results for your company or brand can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

The First Action in Resolving an Online Reputation Problem

The first thing to do is try to solve the problem in a friendly manner and come to a mutual understanding. Maybe the person just heard their mother had cancer or their daughter was in a car accident, and they sent an e-mail or made a phone call to you that was rude or unprofessional. Sometimes a simple apology like “I’m sorry you feel that way about me/our service” goes a long way. Apologizing doesn’t mean it was your fault or even justify the person’s inappropriate behavior towards you but it can diffuse a potentially upset person.

Mean People

My favorite motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, said there are only 7 to 10 mean, nasty people in the whole entire world….they just move around a lot. We all know there are people who simply want to take it a step further and feel the need to slander your name by blogging or posting on the numerous i-make-a-living-by-bad-mouthing-people[dot]com sites. If your business gets big enough, you are certain to have a few people who want to stifle your success with bad press. Some bloggers make an entire living trying to create bad press and drama for other people.

Preventing Online Reputation Problems

Really, the first step is to provide the best service you can to your clients and address their concerns.  If one or two people are saying bad things about you or your company, that is one matter but if hundreds of people are saying bad things about you or your company then you may need to address those issues first and address the bad press later.

4 Simple Steps to Manage Your Online Reputation

Resolving online reputation issues isn’t as hard has you might think. It all boils down to this: Get a solid inventory of good and neutral citations. Then, build links to those pages to give them the authority to displace the bad press.

The 4 simple steps below have helped a number of our clients get negative press off of the first page of Google:

  1. Index as many pages of your own personal or business website on the first page of Google.
  2. Create social media profiles like Twitter, Yelp, Linked In, Pinterest, etc.
  3. Create a list of positive or neutral news stories which are already ranking in Google.
  4. Point quality backlinks to all of the above using services like, or

The Fastest Way to Get Positive Content

Even though the formula is simple, it can be very time-consuming. If you don’t have time to create your own social media profiles or try to figure out how many links to point these sites, check out our brand new service called It could be the first step in returning your business and name back to prosperity.