Press Release Bonus SEO Packages

Links are still the most powerful way to increase your rankings.  They just have to be the right links. is so confident that you will be happy with your SEO results using our links that we created 30 SEO PR Packages filled with bonus services.

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Your No-Charge Bonus Package (Read carefully because it is a lot):

1) Have a professional writer create a Custom Press Release for your site (Value – $199.00)

2) Submit Press Release via PR Web (Value – $199.00)

  • Optimized for strategically-selected keywords
  • Distributed via the leading press release distribution service on the internet
  • Indexed on all major search engines, including Google and Bing
  • Published on major news websites, including Yahoo! and Topix
  • Placed on thousands of high traffic blogs and premium websites
  • Sent to established media subscribers and contacts
  • Launched to 10 industry and 5 regional news feeds
  • Check out an example of one here

3) Forums to the Press Release (Value – $500.00)

  • We will target a few sites that pick up the press release, and create internet chatter by discussing and linking to the press release in thousands of forums
  • The forum chatter will increase the visibility of the press release which will pass the extra link juice to your site

4) Two months of access to our internal Managed SEO team (Value – Priceless)

  • Managed SEO will review your onsite and offsite seo strategies and give recommendations
  • The Managed SEO Team will even place your links per your agreed criteria

Over a thousand dollars of bonus services for using, the most powerful platform for improving your search rankings.  Email once you have purchased your credits and we will send you the Press Release form and the Managed SEO contact information.  You need more sophisticated SEO strategies to survive the continuous search engine updates. This package delivers!