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What Are Local Search Marketing Services and Why Are They Important?

According to a Google study, when someone does a local search, they are more likely to buy than doing a normal search.

If you aren’t targeting people that are in your area, you’re missing out on sales — but you don’t have to be. Local search marketing services can help you get in front of the people in your area that are searching for what you have to offer.

Continue reading this article as we go over why you should work with a local search marketing company and how it is going to help your business thrive.

What Are Local Search Results?

When people search for businesses and places near their location, they get local search results.

Let’s say you’re looking for a good place to eat and you feel like eating pizza. You might type “best pizza” or “eat-in pizza places” into the search box in Google or another search engine.

When you do this, the search engine is going to figure out where you are and what is close to you and show you the best results possible.

If your website isn’t optimizing for local search results, you aren’t going to show up when people are looking for what you have to offer. And they are likely to come into your store to purchase since they are close to where you are and looking for your product or service.

Before we get into some easy ways you can optimize for local search results, so you can show up on the first page of search results, let’s look at the benefits of ranking.

Benefits of Ranking in Local Search Results

Understanding the benefits of ranking in local search results will show you why it is important to work with local search marketing services to help you get your results faster. Read on to find out below.

Builds Online Visibility

Attention is the name of the game. If you want to get on people’s radar, you need to be in front of them multiple times a day.

When you rank in the local search results, that is another possibility of being in front of your target audience.

Increase Foot Traffic to Your Business

You’re paying for a building to do business in, and you should be attracting as much foot traffic as possible.

In the above information, we talked about the Google study that said people that do local searches are likely to come into your business within the next couple of days.

Without ranking in local search, your business is likely to be overlooked, and your competition will get the store visitor.

More Views in Google Maps

When people open Google maps and do a search, there are a few options that show up in those results. These results are also the ones that rank in the local search results.

Not only are you getting attention when people search on Google, but now you also have the attention of people who are likely in their car and ready to go to a location.

Improve Website Relevance

When you rank in local search, and Google sees signals that people are finding your website helpful, your website relevance will continue to improve. Focusing on optimizing for local search will bring more visitors to your site, your store, and the positive cycle will continue.

Builds Trust In Your Brand

Building trust in your brand is key since it will often be the deciding factor of whether or not people are going to do business with you. When people trust your brand, they are not only going to do business with you, but they will tell their friends and colleagues about your products and services.

When your business shows up in the local search results, people look at this like the search engine is giving you a thumbs up and nod of approval. Failing to optimize for local search engines will be like opting not to have an endorsement from the search engines.

Easy Ways to Help Your Possibility of Ranking

Now that you understand the benefits of ranking in the local search results, it is likely that you don’t want to miss out on them. And we are going to talk about some simple things you can do right now to help your local search results.

Submit Your Site to Online Directories

Online directories like Yelp allow you to submit your location along with your site link and other information. When you submit your information, this is a signal to the search engines that you are local to a specific area.

If you have multiple locations, create multiple directory listings and don’t confuse the search engines.

Get Customers to Leave Reviews

The more customer reviews your company has, the more likely it is to rank in the search results.

You want to get positive results, so make sure to ask your happiest customers vs. sending out a blanket email to everyone you’ve ever done business with.

Optimize Your Homepage Title Tag

Optimizing your homepage title tag takes a couple of minutes and can make all the difference of whether you’ll show up in the search engines or not.

Optimizing your title tag might look something like “Garage Door Repair – Knoxville, TN” if you’re a garage door repair company.

Local Search Marketing Services for the Win

Now that you know more about why you need local search marketing services, how can we help you?

We work with businesses just like yours every day to help them succeed in the local search results for more leads and better conversions.