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Happy New Year! 7 SEO Trends for 2020 You Need to Know About

If you believe digital marketing trends are going away, you better think again. As we head into 2020 popular trends to boost your online marketing continue to expand. Business owners new to online marketing may believe all they need is a website and a Facebook business page.

Think again! With over 1.5 billion websites to compete with, you’ll need a solid strategy to get people to your site and engaged on social channels. Businesses must be intentional if they want to be competitive and grow their brand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what steers Google search engines and most online traffic. Without it, your digital advertising won’t get noticed. SEO drives organic traffic to your business presenting opportunities for you to convert visitors into customers.

There are many ways to get your business noticed in your industry. Continue reading for seven popular SEO trends you’ll need to know about heading into 2020.

1. Artificial Intelligence Tops Popular Trends

A popular SEO trend is the incorporation of artificial intelligence. When we think of AI Amazon’s Alexa immediately comes to mind. People are becoming increasingly dependent upon chatbots and other AI systems.

To get it to work for your business you need to understand the thought process of your website visitors. This will require anticipating the behaviors of the people looking for your product or service when searching or information on your site.

The goal of AI systems is to suggest the best results based on the user’s request.

To implement this feature you’ll need a list of frequently asked questions. The next step is to provide the best responses. Define strong keywords to form short phrases that do not exceed nine words.

2. Relevant and Quality Content

Content remains important. Popular trends suggest that content produced to provide better SEO results are leaning towards providing relevant information. This means site visitors are being more intentional about the content they are searching for.

It is no longer enough to consistently load new blogs are articles. Now those postings need to provide valuable data your target audience will find engaging and want to share.

Sharing your website content is part of the SEO digital marketing strategy. Research popular trends in your industry, and draft articles that people will be searching for. Don’t forget to include keywords and social media links.

3. Mobile-Responsiveness

People often confuse mobile-responsive websites with mobile-friendly sites. The fundamental difference is a mobile-responsive site is engineered to replicate a website on any mobile device.

Video, images, headers, and fonts adjust to the size of the device’s screen. It doesn’t matter if the user is on a smartphone or tablet, the website will conform to the four basic screen sizes. The pages also adjust whether the user has the device upright or in wide-screen mode.

As web designs improve for mobile-responsive websites consider using vector graphics for better imagery. Hidden menus, scrolling effects that load the site on a single page, and other minimalist effects improve the user experience.

Most important, 3.7 billion unique users depend on their mobile devices to access the internet every month.

4. Live Streams and Video Replay

Your business can get incredible exposure by using live streams and reloading the footage to your website. Popular trends in using live streams for business include product demonstrations, virtual tours, and promotions by social media influencers.

People will stop scrolling on social media to view a live video, especially if the content is engaging. Plan out what information you’ll share and how the content can be repurposed on your website.

In SEO trends, your videos must contain trending keywords, catchy titles, and tags people will search for the most. If there is a Google search trend for the topic, you’ll garner more hits.

It’s also becoming popular to have a YouTube page for your business. You download your live streams and post them to the channel for extended reach.

5. Secure Ecommerce

Ecommerce websites are expanding businesses beyond brick and mortar shops. Now you can make your product global by selling directly from the site. SEO trends can help you expand the sales funnel and increase sales.

Hire a professional photographer to capture vibrant images of your products. Increase visualization with 360-degree video renderings and strong descriptions.

The growth of eCommerce websites has also garnered an increase in cyber-security methods. You want your customers to know their data is secure when buying online.

6. Google Featured Snippets

If you’ve used the Google search engine recently, you’ve experienced Google Featured Snippets. The Google search trend provides the best answers to questions people are searching for.

Enter a phrase like “SEO trends.” A snippet from a website will appear that gives the best answer to the search topic. The information is pulled from the featured website and placed in a highlighted content box.

These results will also pull the best lists, content tables, and video.

7. SEO Basics

There are basic SEO techniques that are necessities and will never go away. These tactics increase your chances of ranking higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), no matter what popular trends come along.

Knowing how to get on top of Google search pages starts with your web design. Your site has to have a clean layout with strategically placed content. Look for what’s new in web design layouts that will keep visitors engaged

Behind the scenes, you’ll still need to incorporate keywords, strong descriptions, and title tags. Do research to find the latest SEO trends for link building and crafting your page URLs.

Social media is constantly evolving, so you will want to stay abreast of what’s new. Re-evaluate what’s currently working and continue to build on it.

Are You Ready for 2020?

Don’t waste valuable resources on digital marketing if you don’t have a strategy. Incorporating these popular trends will have your business well on its way to a successful year.

For businesses catering to a local market, you’ll need to know the techniques to draw your distinct market. Click here for SEO tips to help your business rank in your local market.