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Better Backlinks: 10 SEO Link Posting Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Did you know that in the US businesses spend over $700 billion dollars on digital marketing? The reason behind this colossal spending is simple: digital marketing works.

First-page ranking on Google means vastly more attention than even second-page ranking. Clear and effective marketing that meets the needs of visitors converts visitors to customers.

However, with so many SEO techniques available, it can be difficult to know which will boost your SEO quickly.

How can you use link posting to raise your profile? What investment is needed to be able to benefit from it? Check out our in-depth guide to link posting and how you can start to benefit today.

1. Use Your Contacts

If you are starting at the beginning of your SEO adventure, you will need to reach out to those who can provide quick and easy links.

Think immediately about those in your family or circle of friends who have a relevant business or website. Can they start providing links to your website in upcoming pages and blog articles?

Of course, this may not result in a large number of high DA links (more on DA a little later…). However, if their websites are on-topic they may start to add some SEO value to your site. This, without you having to work hard to earn them!

2. Reach Out to the Community

Once you have asked your family and close friends to link to your site, it is time to widen the net. Ther are many online communities that are in the same niche as you and likely are a rich source of backlinks.

As a part of your backlink strategy, Do you subscribe to Facebook groups, forums or blogs in the same niche as your business? If you have been contributing in a regular and relevant manner, you will likely be able to include links to relevant information on your site.

The key here is to remember that these are human beings and so your comments and input should be relevant. Over time your reputation will grow and you can receive powerful backlinks from relevant parties in your niche.

3. Offer Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to gain backlinks. A business will be delighted to receive your comments and testimony that adds credibility to their product. In return, you will receive a free backlink to your site.

Writing a simple and honest note as testimony is easy, yet it can gain you a powerful and authoritative backlink.

Why not make a list of authoritative companies whose products and services you have used. Offering them a testimonial could be the first step to a very effective relationship.

4. Write your Own Blog

High authority links are great for boosting your SEO. However, did you know that you can be the author of the high authority blog? Creating a blog for your company with quality relevant blog materials gives others material to link to.

Of course, you will bear the responsibility to maintain the blog. Add meaningful material to the blog on a regular basis. Ensure the titles are catchy. Keep it focused and relevant to the needs of your market.

Making your blog the leading authority in your niche will mean that others will come to your site, again and again, to link to solid reliable material.

5. Subscribe to Directories…Carefully

Google and other search engines regularly index internet directories. This means that if you are listed, your site will receive extra attention. However, this does not mean to say that you should go crazy and list yourself everywhere.

Many directories on the internet are little more than lists and add no value. These are the directories that Google avoids. Listing with these is little more than a waste of time. Exercise caution before subscribing to a directory.

However, there are good reliable directories, such as Yelp, that Google does index. Stick with recognized reliable directories and your SEO will increase as a result. Improve your SEO and make your business visible to a larger number of people in a single stroke.

6. Do Not Underestimate Guest Posts

Guest posts can tend to receive bad press from writers. They complain that hours of research and time spent writing an article of 1000s of words simple adds value to someone else’s site.

However, this is not the whole picture. While it may take the time to create a guest post, the backlink value can be very high.

If you can have guest posts accepted by a high domain authority website, you can substantially raise the SEO value of your site.

You can even save significant time by delegating this to professionals who will ensure a quality article with dependable links.

Don’t forget the keys to a good guest post that big companies will want to accept:

  • Ensure that the company or site is relevant to your business and niche.
  • The post should be interesting and not only about praising you and your business.
  • You, or someone on your staff, is a good writer and can create good copy.
  • Bear in mind that if the article is of poor quality, it will negatively affect your reputation.
  • Choose the site carefully. Poorly chosen sites can negatively affect your ranking.

7. Recover and Repair

Backlinks give value to your site only if they are alive and well. If the site hosting them changes the structure of its site or deletes the link somehow, the link will cease to be valuable to your site.

Users that click on a dead link will receive the infamous 404 page. After this, only the most determined visitor will find a way to your site.

Create a method or use tools to check the health of your backlinks on a regular basis.

8. Convert References to Backlinks

If you have been in business for some time, likely others have written about your product somewhere. This is one of the easiest ways to gain backlinks.

Simply research who they were and contact the author or webmaster to ask them to include a link to your site. Since the reference is already here this is a simple task that hey will be more than happy to help with.

09. React Quickly to New Link Opportunities

From the moment that a link opportunity is created to the moment the link is created time is being lost. Be sure to quickly act when your site is referenced or could be referenced.

It also pays to be aware of what your competitors are doing. Research their SEO. How are they creating backlinks? Are their sources of backlinks that they are using that you could use too? Respond quickly to avoid missing out on SEO value.

10. Think Outside the Box

Some links are especially powerful. This is true with .gov and .edu links. However, since they are not generally associated with businesses they can be challenging to get. Time to think outside the box…

HOTH launched “The HOTH SEO Scholarship Program“. This was a competition that awarded a scholarship to students in the US who write a simple blog post on the subject of: “How Companies Can Take Advantage of Digital Marketing”.

As the campaign goes viral in university blogs, sites, and social media the number of back links to .edu sites has likely grown exponentially.

A simple competition thus leads to a very valuable treasure of back links. If there is a particular source of back links that could be valuable to you, why not think outside of the box.

Link Posting and Much More

Link posting is one of many powerful techniques that can be used to raise your SEO profile.

If you are interested in improving your companies SEO then we are here to help.

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