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Worth 1000 Words: How to Optimize Video for SEO

When you need to market your business and build your brand to the fullest, a lot of this potential is going to come about based on the video that you create. 

By taking the time to not just create impeccable video content, but also spread it across the web in a way that makes sense, you can grow your brand and business to your liking. 

The tips below will help you to optimize video with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Use these tips to the best of your ability. 

1. Research and Use Your Keywords in Your Descriptions and Titles

Your keywords are foundational for your success with all of your video marketing needs. When you can research keywords and use them accordingly in your meta tags, titles, SEO titles, and descriptions, you will be better able to bring people to your content and gain subscribers. 

SEO can be sometimes daunting if you aren’t adept at it, so one of the best things you can do is reach out to some professionals. 

You can get some incredible SEO discounts in July to make sure that you’re getting your videos out to the public to the best of your ability. By gaining access to the best SEO service possible, your videos will begin working for you, and before you know it, you have a tremendous following. 

2. Put Your Videos on the Best Platforms for the Most Exposure and Attraction

It’s not just about the video you create; it’s about where you put it. Right now, there are several platforms where you can post your videos and get lots of impressions. 

Facebook alone gets 8 billion video views daily. Of course, you will want to post to YouTube with regularity since it is the biggest video channel in the world and the second biggest search engine. 

When you post on these platforms, you will get incredible exposure that can build you an audience for the long haul. To get the biggest following, you will need to post where the audiences are. 

3. Encourage Shares With Your Content

If you want your video marketing strategies to take off, you will need to encourage people to share it. 

The best way to do this is by creating wonderful content that people will naturally want to share. Make sure that it is informative, educational, entertaining, or all of the above. 

Make it clear to people what they are getting by creating optimized titles. This way, there’s no confusion, and people also won’t be put off by clickbait. 

Aside from creating wonderful organic content, don’t be afraid to be upfront about asking people to like, share, and follow your content. This way, your videos will spread across the web, and your marketing plans will pay off. 

4. Spread Your Links Around the Web 

You will optimize your video for SEO based on your link juice. Take the time to spread your links in the form of guest posts and other cross-promotions. 

There are several backlinks promotions you can take advantage of that will help you build your traffic and get the most traction out of your videos. By getting your links out to similar content creator’s platforms, you will grow your audience, while also increasing your reach in Google. 

5. Use Your Video in Conjunction With a Blog

You can never create too much content in this day and age. This can also mean creating the same content in different variations. 

For instance, you can write a 1,000-word blog post, and then speak on it verbally in the form of a 2-minute YouTube video. This way, you’ll share it with people who won’t be as inclined to read and will get more SEO traction in the process. 

Doing this will help you drive traffic to your videos in a way that is organic. You can also open a YouTube channel, and then embed the videos to your blog with regularity. 

People will be easier able to find your content via Google, the more you spread it in this way. 

6. Make Sure That Your Sound Is at Its Best

If you really want your video to be at its best, it’s important that you pair it with great sound. People are more likely to be forgiving of subpar video quality than they are subpar sound. 

Don’t shortchange your audience by failing to buy audio equipment to make your video even better. Your content will have more clarity and polish, which your followers will appreciate. 

7. Always Optimize for Mobile

Today you’ll need to make sure that your video is optimized for mobile platforms. People are more willing to whip out their cell phone or tablet to look for video content than they are to fire up a laptop and open a web browser. 

As such, you will need to be sure that your video shows up well on mobile devices and that you edit and record it accordingly. This way, people will not only watch the first video they come across but will eventually seek others and follow your channel. 

As an added touch, insert a transcript for your video and always make sure that your thumbnails are aesthetically pleasing. 

Optimize Video for Your Marketing and Branding Needs

These tips will help you optimize video on your terms. Consider these points to get the most of your video SEO marketing. 

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