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Ask Me Another: How Question Keyword Optimization Can Boost Your SEO

50% of all searches are at least 4 words long. This means more people are asking questions when they are typing in search engines. This is known as long-tail keywords, they are looking for something very specific. 

When you know the best keyword optimization to use, you’ll be able to direct people to your website. When they type in their questions they’ll see your website front and center.

Below we’ll look at how creating keyword questions will help your business, and what to do to make them stand out. 

What Are People Searching For?

Perhaps you aren’t sure how to structure your questions. Look at what people are already searching for. This is one of the simplest things you can do.

Use sites like Google and Reddit. They’ll help narrow down keywords you should use when formulating your sentences. You will find what people are looking the most for and what words they’re using when they’re searching. 

Use Social Media

Find out what people are interested in by visiting social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Look at what your competitors are doing, and at what people are saying about the types of products you sell. 

You can do one of two things. You can focus on information people have questions about or don’t fully understand. Conversely, you can concentrate on information people want to learn more about. You can give people more clarity on your website. 

If you use social media, make sure you have your own social media page that people can use. This will give people another way of finding your information and website. On top of that, if they do have questions of their own, they have another way of being able to reach out to you. 

When you have people coming to you with questions it will make it easier for you to create articles. You will have a starting point on what to write about.

Rich Results for Keyword Optimization

Google has created a Rich Results feature to help your content get displayed. This feature is specifically for the question and answer format.

Rich Results will gather the best responses to the question typed in the search engine. They will get them from social news sites, public forums, support message boards, etc. 

You can check to see if your webpage is eligible to be displayed in the Rich Results section. Should you get it placed there, you’ll see a greater increase in traffic as it will be one of the first things people see. 

What Types of Questions Are People Searching for in Your Industry

Depending on what your product is, people may be searching for your information in a specific way. You want to make sure you are creating the right types of questions for your particular audience. There are three types of question formats that people most commonly use.

Direct Questions

First, is using direct questioning. This comprises of questions that start with “what, where, which, who, when.” People are looking for a short and simple response to their question.

For example, “how many states are there in the United States of America?” The direct answer would be 50.  

This type of questioning may have fewer people clicking on your website. The information for this tends to be displayed on the search engine. 

If people want to learn more about it further they can click the link to your website. Yet, they are more than likely looking for a simple answer.

If you use direct questioning in the format of a list, you may get more traffic. For example, “what are the benefits of using an SEO company?”

Now, the search engine may give a small list of what the benefits are, but they may not provide all the information. People may be more likely to click on your website to learn more. 

Short Answer Questions (SAQ)

The Next category is SAQs (why, can, etc.). This type of question they will see a brief summary of the articles on the search engine. This summary may give people the exact answer they are looking for. Yet, they may need to go to the website for further information.

For example, “why can’t penguins fly?” They will get a snippet of an article mentioning that their wings are better suited for swimming. If that isn’t enough to satiate your audience, they will click the link to learn more. 

Long Answer Questions (LAQ)

The best types of questions to have people clicking on your website are LAQs (how). This tends to be a more drawn out response and more of a “how-to” guide.

For example, “how do I fix my computer?” They may see a short list on the search engine. To get the full details they would have to click the link to get a comprehensive guide. 

Become a Resource 

A great way to get more foot traffic is to have a lot of industry related questions. If people want to learn more about a topic/product, you want to have as much information available.

On top of that, you want to have reliable information. If people think you are feeding them lies, or that you don’t use reliable sources, they will go elsewhere. 

When people trust you, you can keep pumping out question-based articles. They will keep returning wanting to learn more and more. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Websites

Using SEO websites can help narrow down the best words to use for your questions. This will help get your questions on the front page of a search engine. The Hoth is an example of a site that uses keyword optimizers.

It’s Time to Start Formulating Some Questions

That concludes the different ways question keyword optimization can help you. It’s time to start creating questions! Once you have published articles, it is only a matter of time before you see people flocking to your website. 

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