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The Ultimate (And Only) Guide You Need To Dominate Local SEO in 2019

Did you know that the U.S. is host to 43% of websites that rank as the top one million in the world?

We’re talking 431,214 websites in the United States alone. That doesn’t even include sites that don’t make it to the top one million.

What then, can a small, local business owner like you do to even stand out from such a congested digital world?

For starters, you need to follow everything in this ultimate local SEO guide. It’ll tell you how to show up on local search results, especially on Google. After all, Google dominates the U.S. search engine market, with it securing 85% of the market.

Ready to climb your way up to local SEO ranking stardom? Then let’s get this guide started!

Make Sure Your NAP Is Consistent

And no, we’re not talking about nap as in rest or siesta. We’re talking about your business’ name, address, and phone number (with area code). These three details make up the core of your local SEO campaign, as they’re the most crucial local signals.

It’s imperative that your NAP appears the same way across all online platforms. For example, the NAP that’s on your website should be an exact match to your Google My Business listing. This goes true for your social media profiles and other directory listings.

Let’s say your business name is San Diego 911 Plumbers. Even if folks sometimes refer to you as SD 911 Plumbers, stick to your registered business name. Make sure that “San Diego 911 Plumbers” appear on all your online listings and mentions.

NAP inconsistencies make it difficult for search engines (and people) to find you. In fact, Google says these issues may even cost you a well-deserved spot on its Map and Search results.

Also, if you changed your business phone or moved to a new office, be sure to update your NAP details. This will be easier if you keep a record of all your local listings and citations online. You want all these online “mentions” to reflect your NAP changes.

Enhance Your Web Presence Through Google My Business

A Google My Business listing is still one of the proven local SEO strategies for 2019 and beyond. This is among the best ways to boost web presence for local businesses as it targets local consumers.

Again, make sure you enter accurate and complete data (especially your NAP) when signing up. Choose the right business category and describe your business’ attributes. Also, verify that the Google Maps pin shows your actual location so people won’t get lost when they visit you.

Get Help from Yelp!

Did you know that the online directory Yelp! gets an average of 63 million desktop unique visitors a month? Another 35 million folks use the Yelp! mobile app every month.

All those stats should tell you how a Yelp! listing can boost your local SEO marketing efforts. This business directory can connect you to your specific and local target market. Best of all, it covers a wide array of services, from food to home services to auto services.

Yelp! is also a great place to get customer reviews from, another of the best ways to rock local SEO rankings. The more happy clients who leave you reviews, the more trustworthy you’ll be to search engines. This can then lead to higher search rankings, which make it easier for future customers to find you!

Secure Your Industry-Specific Directory Listings

Depending on your industry, you may find industry-specific directories to list with. Let’s say you really do have a plumbing business, then BestPlumbers.com is one such directory. If you’re in the legal industry, Nolo.com and Lawyers.com are a couple of directories you can list with.

Bonus points if your industry has a Chambers of Commerce, as this can get you a backlink! Building backlinks is one of the best local SEO practices, so we’ll talk more about this below.

What’s important is to get your NAP on these platforms aside from general directories. Just make sure you list complete deets to avoid confusing search engines and people!

Create a Solid Backlink Strategy

Backlinks are links from another site that points back to your own website. Google confirmed that “links pointing to your site” are one of its main ranking signals.

One reason behind the power of backlinks is how it indicates trustworthiness. After all, when a website links to another site, it’s a sort of invitation to leave that current site.

Both search engines and people may take this as a sign that the linked site has valuable content. Because the website publishing the backlink is willing to let go of its visitors.

That should be enough for you to start earning those high-quality backlinks this 2019. This means that the site linking back to your own site should be reputable and has a high page rank too. Guest blogging and media interviews are great ways to earn those top-quality backlinks.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile Searches

Eight in 10 Americans now own a smartphone. Of these smartphone users, 60% research local products and services. Half of these local searchers make their way to the actual store or business the same day they looked it up.

It’s for this reason your website needs a picture-perfect appearance on mobile devices. All pages should fit a device’s screen with as little side-scrolling as possible. The font and buttons should be big enough for easy viewing and tapping.

Don’t forget page speed, as 53% of Internet users leave mobile pages that take more than three seconds to load. Those slow pages can cost you half of your potential customers and store visitors.

Use This Local SEO Guide Now to Make Your Way Up the Ranks

Follow everything in our ultimate local SEO guide, and you can be a step ahead of the competition. The earlier you get your NAP out and earn backlinks, the sooner you may see your website rocking the local ranks.

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