10% Bonus Celebration: Free Link Building Credits

We’re offering a 10% link bonus for 10 days!!!

Our fastest growing network, www.PostLinks.com, just hit over 10,000 blogs which makes us one of the largest networks available on the Internet today.

The best part is that ALL of the 10,000+ available blogs have at least a PR1 (page rank 1) or higher and 50% have over a PR3 (page rank 3).

In order to celebrate, we’re giving you a 10% bonus on any new membership upgrades you purchase between now and February 18th, 2012 at 3pm EST.

So, for 10 days, you will receive the following:

  • $49 Basic Membership = 1,100 credits (normally 1,000 credits)*
  • $149 Plus Membership = 5,500 credits (normally 5,000 credits)*
  • $499 Pro Membership = 27,500 credits (normally 25,000 credits)*

To take advantage of this promotion:

  1. Login into your PostLinks.com account at http://www.postlinks.com/login.php.
  2. Click on “Upgrade My Membership” in your control panel and purchase any new plan.
  3. E-mail info@postlinks.com with “10% Bonus Celebration!!!” in the subject line along with your PostLinks.com username.  Your bonus credits will be added within 72 hours.

It’s that simple.  We will honor the 10% bonus for the life of that membership plan.

Talk to you soon,
John Sprock

*DISCLAIMER:  This plan only applies to new PostLinks.com membership plans purchased between February 8th and February 18th.  If you cancel your existing plan between these dates and upgrade to the same plan, you will not be eligible for the 10% bonus (For example, if you currently have a $49 plan then cancel your $49 plan and purchase the same $49 package a few days later in order to get the 10% bonus, you will not be eligible).  However, if you cancel your plan and upgrade to a higher level plan then we will honor the 10% bonus on the higher level plan (For example, if you have a $49 plan and upgrade to a $149 plan then we will honor the 10% on the $149 package).

You may also purchase a plan at the same level and receive the 10% bonus (For example, if you currently have a $49 plan, you may purchase another $49 plan and we will honor the 10% bonus on the new $49 plan.  If you have two equal plans and cancel one of the plans in the future, the plan with the 10% bonus will be cancelled first).