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Why Guest Blogging Should Be a Major Part of Your SEO Strategy

The top goal for many business owners and companies in general when creating an SEO strategy is to achieve the #1 top ranking on Google (or other search engines). This is a pretty broad objective.

It’s better to start with small goals, like increasing traffic to your website, as this is going to signal to Google that your site may deserve a bump in rankings.

There are several methods you can use to improve your SEO strategy and meet your goals. One of these is guest blogging.

Learn more about the many benefits offered by guest blogging here.

Improve Industry Authority

Put simply, guest blogging helps you build industry authority for your business. The higher quality content you create, the more trustworthy your brand seems. The caveat here is you have to provide solid information that’s deserving of this trust.

Authority is a key element to any effective marketing strategy. This is particularly true with the phrase “fake news” around. Sharing things you know and providing facts to support these claims helps to strengthen how others view the content you produce.

Instant Exposure to New, Targeted Traffic

While getting a link back to your website is preferred, it’s not an absolute necessity. Just contributing to another blog post can help increase interest in what you have to say and offer. The key here is to write a top-quality post.

The lifeblood of your blog or online business is traffic. Something as simple as a quality guest post can result in significant sales if the process is handled properly.

Once you have created the awesome content to use as a guest blog, make sure to optimize your CTAs and landing pages to increase the likelihood of a conversion.

Expand Your Existing Network

Connecting with influencers was quite a challenge in the past. Today, it’s much easier thanks to guest blogging.

For example, some websites that accept guest posts foster an entire community of contributors who are engaged in related niches. In some situations, you get the opportunity to participate in an email thread where contributors spend time brainstorming certain topics.

The structure of the community doesn’t matter, you can still leverage your authorship. Use it to partner with influencers in the manner of expert interviews and cross-promotion.

Build Backlinks

To achieve new backlinks is perhaps the most common reason business owners begin guest blogging, to begin with. Google’s algorithms value quality backlinks and give a boost to sites with these in tow.

Remember, though, backlinks have changed significantly in recent years You can’t just write a guest post with the assumption it’s going to achieve a higher rank in search engines. That’s because Google wants to see relevant backlinks.

Relevant backlinks provide similar information. For example, a backlink from a fishing website on a real estate website doesn’t work.

Context matters in backlinking. Make sure the guest blog you create makes sense for you and the site owner.

Encourage More Shares on Social Media

Generating social media shares for your site helps to extend your online reach. The more shares your content receives, the more shareworthy it becomes to your audience.

Are you planning to submit a guest post to a blog with high engagement on social media? If so, shares should come naturally after your content is published.

To help move things along, consider embedding content that’s highly sharable in your guest post. For example, infographics can help you generate up to three times more engagement on social media than any other type of content created.

Increase Your Organic Traffic

If you are like many business owners, you may relish the benefits of guest blogging related to SEO. The more links going back to your site, the better the webpages perform. Each relevant link leading back to your site helps grow your organic traffic.

Think of your organic traffic is visitors who come across your content in search engines. When a website is crawled by Google, the links are analyzed and rated by importance.

When backlinks from a guest posts show Google content with substance, it takes notice. Important, quality content then results in higher rankings in the search engine.

Over time, your site is going to gain rank for specific keywords used on these relevant, substance-rich posts.

Increase Brand Awareness

As mentioned above, guest blogging helps you build authority in your particular niche or industry. When possible, share practical tips that aren’t listed elsewhere.

Leverage this opportunity you have to let your audience know exactly what your company does and how it can help solve problems. Make sure to install the voice of your brand in each post submitted, too.

With these steps, your personal brand becomes more recognizable. This is true no matter where the guest posts are submitted.

Guest Blogging: An Effort to Valuable to Ignore

As you can see, guest blogging provides quite a bit of value – when it’s done right. Take some time to create a guest blogging strategy to get the most out of your efforts.

If necessary, enlist the help of the pros. They can help your business develop a strategy for finding sites to guest post on and building a reporte with them.

If you are ready to get started and begin posting guest blogs, our company can help you find related companies looking for guest bloggers and help you build a new relationship with them. In the long run, our involvement in this strategy can help you reap all the rewards offered by guest blogging faster than if you tried to do this alone.