how to monetize a wordpress blog

Live Your Dream: How to Monetize a WordPress Blog

Have you been blogging for a while and wondering what the point of it all is?

Trying to monetize your blog can seem like something out of reach if you aren’t familiar with digital marketing. Throwing your thoughts out into the void of the world wide web isn’t exactly getting it done. You need to change it up.

In this article, we’re going to tell you how to monetize a WordPress blog in a few easy steps. It’s all about narrowing your focus and zeroing in on your target market. It sounds simple, but you’re going to have to refine your writing and be alright with advertising.

In time, however, you’ll realize that you should have been writing this way all along. Once the money starts coming in and you can quit your awful day job, that is. 

Alright, let’s get started. Here’s how to monetize your WordPress blog.

How to Monetize a WordPress Blog in a Broad Sense

You’re going to learn that you have to enjoy writing about your topics and continuously produce high-quality material. Narrowing your focus and learning how to appeal to a specific market will help you long term.

Find Your Niche

A lot of people get excited, buy up a domain and a host, start up their blog, and then lose focus within a few months because they lose interest. If you’re going to be able to monetize your blog eventually, you have to keep a keen interest in what you’re writing about.

There’s no sense in you choosing a topic that you’ve just become interested in. Choose something that you’ve always been interested in, or wait, do your research, and project whether your topic will hold your interest in years to come.

When you’ve come up with a few broader ideas of what to make your topic, check out what competition you’ll be dealing with online. Doing this will inform you of where to narrow your focus.

If you think you could do a blog on cheeseburgers, that’s probably too broad. But, say you’re located in San Diego, you could do a blog talking about the best cheeseburgers in the Southwest. 

Talk to an SEO company to get help with optimizing your website. These services can help immensely with making your site easily visible to searchers. If you don’t analyze trends and keyword usage, then your blog could get lost in the huge haystack of other blogs out there.

Getting your SEO in order before you launch your site will start you off in an advantageous position.

Market Research

Once you’ve chosen your topic, you can do some market research to try and get a leg up on your competition. If you’re writing about cheeseburgers in the Southwest, then you will probably want to look into other food blogs in that region. If you know what the competition looks like, you can better direct your writing.

Another thing you can do is use an online keyword trend tool to see what people’s online interest has been like over the last few months and years, relating to cheeseburgers.

Analyze this information against food trends in the area to determine what you should be writing about in a given time. If more people seem to be searching for cheeseburgers in the winter months, maybe because they’re exercising more and eating healthy in the summer months. Figure out new ways to draw them to your blog in the winter.

Once you know how to appeal to consumers, you can start looking into different businesses that might be looking to buy ad space on your blog.

Specific Methods to Monetize Your WordPress Blog

Figuring out how to write on your topic and target specific consumers is just the first step in monetizing your blog. There are more than a few methods to make money, but here, we’ll look at easy steps you can take to get the ball rolling.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a really easy way to make money by linking to products. As a performance-based marketing system, the blogger advertises the product through links, and if the consumer that follows the link purchases the product, the blogger is paid a certain percentage.

You can join a large corporation’s affiliate program. Amazon Associates, BackLinks, and LinkShare all offer these, but you can arrange for smaller affiliate marketing programs with smaller companies and even other bloggers.

To protect yourself, you should only promote products that make sense for your niche and products that you’ve personally tried out and enjoyed. You should also include a disclaimer, so as not to “mislead” your readers. Aka, cover your own hide.

Performance & Click Ads

Advertisements placed directly on your site are maybe the most obvious looking way to make money. There are two types of advertising you can do.

Impression-based advertisements will pay you on a page-view basis. The ad will appear on your page as a banner or something on the side of the page, and you’ll get paid a set dollar amount for a certain number of page visits.

Click ads are a little bit different. With these, you will get paid on a per-click basis. Even if the consumer doesn’t choose to purchase the product in question, your blog led them to the product, so you get paid.

Paid Reviews

Depending on what you’re blogging about, you can also get paid to write specifically about a product. Most consumers go online to check on the public perception of a product before purchasing it themselves, so your blog will be the bridge that gets that product into the consumer’s hands.

This type of advertising will probably come a little bit later on in your blog’s success. Once the company knows that you have a built-in audience, they’ll be far more likely to offer you money to review their product.

Time to Watch Your Bank Account Grow

Why wait any longer? Get a pad and pen out and start coming up with a concept for your blog today. Now that you know how to monetize a WordPress blog, you can finally quit your boring nine-to-five job and start writing for a living. 

Don’t expect it to take off overnight, but if you put a healthy amount of hard work in before you start writing, you’ll have a great jumping off point.

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