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Backlinking Guide: How to Get High PR Links in 2019

Sites want to rank well in Google search results and one of the factors Google places a high value on is backlinks. These are links from websites to your site. The more valuable the backlink, the more importance Google places on it for rankings.

One of the ways Google rates website for importance is page rank (PR). If you want to improve your chances of ranking well for various keywords, then you need high PR links.

Unfortunately, you can’t ask for them to link to you and expect an affirmative. You need to develop a backlink strategy. If you want to turn 2019 into a banner year for SEO rank improvements, then check out this backlink guide.

What Backlinks Matter and Which Ones Don’t?

There are millions of websites on the Internet and some are worth more than others. Google wants you to have natural organic backlinks connected to your business niche.

Google is a business, and its product is search results. It wants its customers to get the best product possible. That means results most relevant to the search query and with accurate valued information.

This is where good backlinks come into play. If you have several high-quality backlinks to your site, then Google assumes you’re an authority on the subject. If you weren’t, then why would these sites link to your site.

Page rank is important, especially for sites within your niche. Google places more value on backlinks connected to the subject for your site. If you sell shoes and all your backlinks come from websites about barbecue grills, then Google smells something fishy.

The worst thing you can do is buy backlinks. This was a common practice in the past, but Google hates it and now recognizes when it happens. Backlinks purchased likely don’t come from high ranking sites and aren’t connected to your niche.

There are many websites and browser plugins that help you see what the page rank is for various sites.

Guest Blogging for High PR Links

Guest blogging is a popular way to get PR backlinks. You identify a site with a high page rank that fits within your business niche and ask to write a blog for them. If you have a good topic and knowledgeable about the subject, then you could earn a coveted spot.

Guest blogging is good for you and the blog. Besides getting a backlink, usually in the about the author section, you’re opening your site to new audiences. The blog site gets access to fans of your business.

Sharing the blog on social media helps drive traffic to the guest blog. If it’s popular and well-written, then you can write for them again and earn another backlink.

You can guest blog for several different sites and get backlinks from them. Don’t expect the process to be instant.

Popular high page rank sites have a waiting list for guest posts. They could also be picky and not choose you right away.

You may find your own site has high page rank. You’ll start getting requests from people to guest post on your site. In return, they’ll put a backlink from their site to yours.

Create Amazing Onsite Content

Guest blogging is great, but don’t forget about your own site content. You should populate your own blog with exceptional quality content. Readers may link to it in their own posts.

If your site sells shoes and you created amazing shoe-based content, then people come to your site and read it. If one of those people has their own blog about shoes, then they create content and link back to your blog post.

You can keep an eye on your backlinks using Google Search Console. It’s surprising how many people link back to your site if there is great information on the blog. Some of those sites can have high page rank.

Media Interviews and Stories

Google places high value in news sites such as newspaper and online news. Journalists are unbiased and only choose experts for their stories. If they interview you and the provide a link back to your website, then Google values it.

If you want interviews, then you need to find out what stories are being written and how you fit in them. You can also be the creator of the news.

If you have a new product or done something newsworthy such as donated money or did charity work, then create a press release. Send it out to news outlets.

It doesn’t have to be The New York Times. If you have a local newspaper or trade websites, then submit it to them. They’ll be more likely to write a story than major news outlets.

You can also submit a press release to distribution sites. Many need an upfront payment for distribution services.

There are services available such as Help A Reporter Out where journalists submit stories ideas their working on. They ask for people of various expertise to contact them. This is easier for you than contacting individual news sites and asking if they’re working on relevant stories.

Beware of No Follow Links

Some sites don’t want to be used for backlinking purposes. They’ll be happy to work with you for blog posts, product reviews, etc., but make the link no follow. This means Google sees it and doesn’t count it as a backlink for your site.

They’re still valuable in that it gets your information in front of new eyes, but it won’t do anything for backlinking. If you’re concerned about a no follow link on high PR websites, then ask before sending the information.

Backlinks are Worth the Trouble

The process of gaining backlinks isn’t easy. It takes time and patience, but high PR links are worth the trouble. A good backlinking strategy should be part of any search engine optimization program.

It’s important to go after high PR sites within your niche otherwise the links won’t weigh as much with Google. If you want to learn more about backlinks and search engine optimization, then check out our services.