Planning for Greatness: 8 Huge SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2019

With hundreds of algorithm changes each year, SEO can feel like a complete guessing game. Forbes points out the fact that the secrecy around the Google algorithm is vital to its success. If other companies knew how their results were delivered, they could create a competing product easily.

The best SEOs can do is try to get ahead of the SEO trends by noticing details and small changes as they take place. Small changes can be a forecast of what’s to come. Continue reading this article and learn what major trends are approaching and what you need to know for 2019 search engine optimization.

SEO Trends that Will Rock the Online World In 2019

While some people are waiting for the next shoe to drop, you’re looking for where the shoe is going to step. Having a good idea of which direction SEO is going will help you get ahead of all the SEOs trying to rank for the same terms you’re trying to rank for.

Implement the following SEO tips to get the best results in 2019.

While there are other search engines besides for Google, we focus on what Google wants because Google has the market cornered. When was the last time you heard someone say, “let me Bing it?”

1. UX Focus

Google is all about providing the best user experience (UX) for its search engine users. When you create and use your website, it is easy to see what functions create a good user experience and which ones do not.

If your site loads slow and the elements on your site don’t work – this is a bad user experience. Having a quick loading website that is easy to navigate and fully functioning will become a necessity in 2019.

2. Featured Snippets

When you visit the search engines, it is likely that you’ve noticed the featured snippets.

If you have a simple question that needs to be answered, you may not even need to click a search result when you make your query. Often the answer you want to know is displayed clearly for you at the top of the search results.

You may have noticed the image in the featured snippet isn’t necessarily from the text being shown on the page. Don’t start freaking out just yet.

While these featured snippets are going to continue to cause waves in search engines, it is an opportunity for even small websites to show up in this featured section. Make sure to markup your content and let Google know what is showing up on your site.

Using schema mark up to identify what various parts of your site will help the search engines display your website in the search results.

3. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Look around, and you’ll see people on their mobile phones. If your website isn’t loading quickly, they aren’t looking at your website. AMP is one of the ways you can make your website as fast as possible.

Not all websites should use AMP since it can strip image content from your pages. If you can use it, then it can help your website be very faster. Check to see how your website loads on mobile if you do decide to implement AMP.

4. Content Is King (Even More)

As SEO evolved content went from prince to king, and now, content is everything. If your content isn’t the best, you are likely to be lost deep in the search engines.

Your content should be in-depth and helpful to the people visiting your website. If your content doesn’t solve the problem they came to your website to solve the user will “bounce” off your website.

Bouncing is when a visitor only views one page and then clicks away from your site. Bounce rate isn’t always a bad thing, but if your content draws the user in and has them visit other pages on your site, this can be a signal that your site is full of great content.

5. Voice Search On the Rise

As voice search becomes more popular through 2019, the need to optimize for question queries increases. Instead of optimizing only for a key phrase like “how to build a website” you might optimize for “how do I build a website?” as well.

6. Mobile First Index

At the time we are writing this article, there is still both a mobile index and a desktop index, but this could change in the future. You need to make sure your website is responsive, so your website rankings don’t suffer.

Google knows more people are using their mobiles to search than desktops and they want to provide the best websites for these mobile users.

7. Brand as a Ranking Signal

If you didn’t think building a brand was important before, you should know it is going to be extremely important in 2019. Google has the ability to spider the web and see when your brand name is mentioned in content. These mentions have similar ranking benefits to link building.

Google can also tell whether there is a positive or negative mention about your company. If you’re having problems with negative user reviews, you need to quickly take care of those issues, so Google knows you take care of your customers. If your brand continues to get a bad wrap, it could hurt your search engine rankings.

8. Backlinks Are Still Important

With all these new changes, you may be wondering if there is any need to build backlinks. The simple answer – YES!

Backlinks will remain an important part of your strategy in 2019. Focus on building high-quality backlinks strategically. If you use black hat methods and spammy techniques, the SEO scene isn’t where you are going to win.

Black hat techniques are 1990s strategy. Leave them there.

Enter the 2019 SEO World With Confidence

When you know the SEO trends taking place, it is easy to feel confident about your ability to rank in the search engines. Get even more SEO savvy. Read our article on SEO digital marketing facts.