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How To Pick The Best CMS For Your Business Website

I know what you’re thinking. What the heck are cms? Why is it so important? How do I choose the best cms for my business? These are great questions.

Good news, this article will answer those questions and more.

You will learn how to make the right choice for your business using a simple guide focusing on the goals you have for your business. First things first, understanding cms.

The ABCs of CMS

Cms stands for Content Management Systems. It is a software application that allows you to create and manage your own website.

Unless you have super Jedi coding powers, setting up a website from scratch is difficult. It can seem like an impossible task for those of us who do not understand computer language. Hiring a webmaster to modify the codes on a daily basis would be necessary.

Webmasters can cost a lot of money and time. If your webmaster is constantly making changes to the codes for your site, errors can happen.

Content management systems have solved the coding problem and made it easy for any business to run their own website. Even people who call themselves “anti-computer” are able to design, post and update their own websites using content management systems.

The best cms applications have made it possible for every single business to come relevant. It is the main way to reach customers you would not normally be able to reach.

With the right online platform, you can reach business and personal goals quickly and effectively. This is something even the smallest businesses can utilize.

Oh Yes, You Need It!

There are few businesses these days that do not have a website. The importance of having a website available for customers has become a vital factor in the success of a business.

People search the internet because they have a need for more. They want more information, more stuff, and more connection with others. They are seeking ways to feel better about themselves and their lives.

Internet users may seek a product to make them feel better. They may seek feel-good stories and content. They may go looking for more education on a problem they are having, trying to find a solution.

It is up to you to provide the product, the content and the solutions for those online. The best way to do this is through your website.

When you start meeting the needs of those online, you will be rewarded. Your website has the power to make others happy. In turn, this can make you happy.

CMS Can Make You Happy

One of the main happy making benefits of content management systems is that website design is easy for any type of user. You do not have to be a techie to create a fierce website that represents your business.

If you want to design your website to show your love of Hello Kitty, you can do that. If you want to post content on everything monkeys, you can do that too.

It offers quick access to the best cms design templates and in just a few minutes, you can change content and images without being forced to change your design. Happy!

They are also set up to get your website found through search engine optimizations. By using keywords, you get noticed. And all you need to access your website is an internet connection.

You can be sitting in a coffee shop in France and manage your New Jersey online business. It’s that easy.

You can even make changes using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. They even have beautiful website templates that can turn your business into a brand. Super Happy!

CMS Rock Stars

WordPress is the ultimate celebrity among all content management systems making website development easy. It is known as one of the best cms platforms for bloggers and small businesses.

It has consistently held close to 60% of market shares in the last few years. More than 25% of the internet is being powered by WordPress. This means WordPress is being used by an insane amount of people and businesses.

While WordPress seems to be the best cms today, there are plenty of other great systems out there. Magento, Drupal, and Joomla are just a few of the cms platforms that are rocking the internet.

Pronouncing their names may be the hardest part of choosing the best cms for you. The rest of the process can be determined by the goals you set in the following categories: cost, intent, SEO, support, and growth.

The Best CMS for Your Benjamins

How much can you spend on building your website? If you’re like many new businesses, spending money on the wrong thing could be devastating. Using a free or low-cost platform is the best cms for small businesses.

It is not necessary for a small business to spend thousands of dollars for an internet presence. With a little bit of effort on your part, you can develop a beautiful website that cost little.

Starting out with a low or no cost website allows you to spend business money on more important things, like retail therapy.

Once your business starts moving into the major leagues and making the big bucks, moving to a closed source or proprietary content management system may be best. This means you will pay more money for your site but you will also have more technical support and more freedom in design.

You will be able to create your own website without limits. You will also be able to handle larger volumes of visitors who want to read more of your content, which you are also able to provide in greater quantities.

Why You Do What You Do

What do you want your website to do? If your intentions are to provide information and content only, WordPress can do that. If you want to sell products on your website, you need a platform that supports e-commerce.

The best cms platform for e-commerce is Magento. It can be created to handle large volumes of sales and can handle a growing business. With Magento you are able to create your own web store, design and all.

If you have products to sell, finding the right cms is a must. More recognizable e-commerce applications include Wix and Shopify. These are simple to use and each allows sharing abilities with social media sites.

SEO, Baby

Search Engine Optimization is a key element of successful online businesses. You want to get found on the internet. You need to be found in order to survive. Cms platforms are set up to help you utilize SEO keywords that send you to the top of internet searches.

Drupal is one of the best cms applications that focus on SEO for its users. It has tools that help website owners create content that will attract visitors and turn them into potential customers.


How much technical support do you feel you need? Can you work your way through the set-up process of your website using a cms application? If so, choose an open source type of program. WordPress would be a good choice.

If you feel you need support through every step of the development process, you may want to choose a closed source application. You will have constant technical support.

If you don’t need much technical support or if you are a techie, Joomla may be the best cms for your business. It is set up for those who are good at coding, designing and managing their own website. Experience is required with Joomla. No greenhorns allowed.

Growth Spurts

How much and how fast do you want your business to grow? The cms you choose will need to be able to support your growth rate. If you explode onto the scene and grow rapidly, you need a software application that can handle it.

If you want to be the turtle and slowly win the race, that’s great. You will be able to transition smoothly from one cms to another, moving up in website capabilities as you grow.

Growing slowly is often stated to be the best way to grow your business. Growing too rapidly with the wrong cms can be dangerous.

You do not want your business to become popular and then crash due to inability to handle the growth. Ever watched Shark Tank, the follow ups? Often, business owners report getting a deal with a shark. The day after their episode airs, the orders start rushing in.

A dream come true, right? Wrong. To their dismay, their websites crash due to an overload of visitors and orders. And due to the business owners choosing the wrong cms.

For this reason, take some time to think about why you need a website before choosing the best cms for your business. Also, determine the goals of your business and how a website can help you reach those goals.

Think beyond the needs of your business today. What will your online presence need to be in a year from now? Two years from now? Will your current cms be able to meet your needs in the future?

A final suggestion when seeking the best cms for your business is to get feedback from other users. Just like you would ask for references of a potential employee, check the references of the software applications too.

You can do this by reading reviews of each cms. Read what others are saying. Read the pros and the cons offered in the feedback and comment sections of cms pages.

If you do your research, matching your business goals with the abilities of each platform, you will find the best cms to help you reach success.