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How to Know if You’re Getting High Quality Traffic

Quality over quantity matters in digital marketing too. 10,000 views in a day is good for some blogs, but the real question is: is it high quality traffic?

In this context, high quality traffic means you’re getting people to your site who will do what you ultimately want them to do. That usually means buying a product or service, but it could even mean signing up for a newsletter.

High quality traffic is converting traffic.

But how do you get high quality traffic? And if you are getting it, how do you know?

Understand the Reasons Why You Don’t Have High Quality Traffic

Audit time!

If you want to figure out how to get high quality traffic, you need to think on some of the reasons why it isn’t currently arriving.

There are four common reasons your blog or site probably doesn’t get high quality traffic:

  • Not socially shared extensively
  • Poor keyword research/optimization
  • Boring or bad UX (User experience design)
  • Bad design

Thankfully, all of these are fixable. There are a handful of social sharing platforms, many of which are automated — examples include Buffer, HootSuite, Sprinklr, and more.

Your highest quality traffic is still likely to come through Google and other organic search. People will have a problem, type something in around that problem, and find you.

Well, wait.

They will only find you if your site is keyword optimized around a specific set of keywords.

That can also happen at a variety of third-party sites, including Google’s Keyword Planner Tool, SEMRush, Moz, KWFinder, and more.

Bad UX can be helped by hiring a consultant, changing themes in your back-end, or outsourcing some of the content writing to those who can make it “pop.”

Bad design can be solved in many of the same ways.

If you plug these four holes first, you’ll be better able to evaluate whether your traffic is ultimately high quality.

Now You Need an Analytics Platform

The biggest mistake most make around discussions of high quality traffic is not regularly monitoring their results.

Google Analytics will allow you to do that.

You’ll want to set up goals in Google Analytics around what matters to your business, whether that’s signups, time on page, cart purchases, etc.

Once the goals are set up, they can be consistently monitored and compared across portions of time. That’s helpful to see if one tweak or another benefited the type of traffic you were receiving.

Another strong analytics tool set is one that allows you to monitor user behavior on the site. Some of the big names here are ClickTale, CrazyEgg, and HotJar.

With these tools, you can see a user scroll through your site and where their mouse goes. This is helpful because you may think your site design is very logical, but the user behavior may appear confused.

If that’s the case, it might be time to move what they’re actually looking for to an easier-to-find place.

What Metrics Would Imply More High Quality Traffic?

If you have set up goals in Google Analytics or another platform and you have “conversions” (the user did something on the site) as a goal, that’s the easiest way to see if you have high quality traffic.

A high number or percentage of conversions implies that users did what you wanted them to do on the site; that is, almost to the letter, the definition of high quality traffic.

There are other metrics you can use, though, including:

  • Bounce rate
  • Average visit duration
  • Pages per session
  • % of new visitors

A higher bounce rate tends to imply some degree of dissatisfaction with the page, or a user not finding what they want. High bounce rate pages can be re-designed or re-worded to get the user to the end goal faster.

An important note is necessary on all these metrics, however.

Most of the world is increasingly shifting to mobile-first, and these numbers look different when thought of in the context of mobile.

On a desktop, having a high number of pages per session is usually a good thing. People are clicking through and looking at various aspects of your site.

On mobile, it’s not necessarily a good thing. You want people to find what they need quickly, because chances are they’re on the go.

Even installing a simple “Call Now” button on your mobile version can be a game-changer here.

% of new visitors reflects potential growth. You want the number to be somewhat high as any of them could become a lead for you, but you also want to monitor what their traffic looks like.

Are they leaving quickly? Visiting only 1 or 2 pages? Look at new visitor metrics as indicative of what you need to change for a first-timer on your site.

What’s the Fastest Path to High Quality Traffic, Then?

It can take any number of forms, but in general these elements will need to line up:

  • A simple, elegant design
  • Value proposition of your product/service is clear
  • Headers that make sense
  • A content strategy driving your ideal customer (personas) to your site
  • That same content strategy backed up by keyword research and optimization
  • Consistent monitoring of your analytics/data to see what could be tweaked
  • A presence on social networks relevant to your business model
  • Sharing on those networks at a 80/20 clip so that you don’t constantly seem like you’re selling to users
  • Willingness to make changes if something isn’t working well

If you control for those elements, you will begin to see your high quality traffic rise at the expense of quick bounce or bot traffic.

Once high quality traffic rises to more than half your visitors, you’ll likely see a revenue spike from your website (if you sell on there).

If your goal is something else, chances are it will rise as well — just make sure you’re monitoring it within your analytics program.

For years marketers and other leaders were concerned with essentially “vanity metrics” such as page views. (Page views can be helpful but not when analyzed in a vacuum.)

Now, though, we have tools to build and track high quality traffic. Make sure that’s your gameplan.

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