How to Monitor Your Site Like the Pros with Backlink Watch

Search engine optimization is still a prominent tool in getting your website, products, and services out in front of the eyes of your ideal customers.

Even with the fast changes SEO best practices are constantly undergoing, backlinks remain an important part of your strategy.

The age old idea was quantity over quality, but now we know natural and relevant backlinks reign supreme.

There are plenty of ways to build backlinks to your site, but keeping up with your backlinks is important. Backlink Watch can help you remain on top of it, and at the top of google’s lists.

In this article, we’ll talk about why building backlinks to your site are so important and we’ll teach you how to use Backlink Watch to monitor your site like the pros.

Why Build Backlinks?

Ranking, ranking, ranking! The modern marketer’s life is all about ranking.

With millions of sites currently on the web all competing for the top spot on google, it’s pretty important to be in the ring, battling for that ranking.

Backlinks help boost your organic search rankings, they create referral traffic, and they help your ranking on search engines.

But google gets smarter every day and just any old backlink won’t do anymore. You need to focus on high-quality backlinks.

Why do high-quality backlinks matter?

A Forrester survey showed that 93% of online experiences started with the user visiting a search engine.

In fact, most consumers use a search engine to research the products they are looking for. Don’t you?

So if your business is linked to many different sites, that’s just going to increase the chances of your site being found by new customers.

The best way to get your site and your business ranking high on google searches is to build high-quality backlinks.

However, if you’re not backlinking the right way and keeping a close watch on your backlinks, you could get flagged for spam. You really want to do everything you can to avoid that.

High-quality backlinks that help boost your site’s visibility on google are links that get posted on relevant, high-quality sites.

There are a few things that will qualify your backlinks as low-quality links and will end up damaging your google ranking.

Your links might get posted on low-quality sites or sites that have nothing to do with your industry or product. Or they could get posted in comments on blogs that have nothing to do with your original post.

This can happen without your knowledge, making Backlink Watch incredibly useful because you can find those low-quality links and eliminate them.

How to Build High-Quality Backlinks

Now that I’ve scared you straight into avoiding low-quality backlinks, I’m not just going to leave you hanging. These are a few easy ways you can build high-quality backlinks for your business.


Google favors content that is both educational and engaging. And one great way to accomplish both of those is to create an infographic.

Blog posts are essential and pretty easy to create consistently. Do you have a blog post that’s full of facts and figures that might be a little boring when consumed in a big wall of text?

Consider turning that information into a beautiful and unique infographic!

You can promote your infographic on social media as well as trade backlinks with relevant industry blogs and sites in exchange for the right to use your infographic in their content.

Consuming useful information in an interesting medium never gets old, everyone loves a good infographic.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are a great way to build up a good log of high-quality backlinks.

It’s easy to do, especially if you’re already writing for your blog on a regular basis. You simply create an article showcasing your knowledge of a problem your ideal customers are facing and you link back to your site throughout the article, where links naturally fit.

Backlinking this way, through your own writing and knowledge of the topic, will always result in higher quality backlinks than it would by outsourcing the article.

Your goal would be to get guest posts on relevant sites and blogs that get a lot of traffic and will lead those readers back to your site.


It shouldn’t surprise you if it’s tough to get sites to link back to your pages or to publish your guest posts at first. Every organization is concerned with getting flagged by google, just like you are. But that’s a good thing.

Some people might find your content and ask to feature it on their site, but that is pretty rare. Most likely, you’ll need to prove your content is high-quality.

Keep publishing great content on your own blog and work on building rapport with other content creators in your industry. Also, try trading guest posts with content creators in complimentary industries.

Don’t hassle content creators and editors with spammy template emails and twitter messages. Always use personalized messages when emailing someone to help your message stand out from the crowd.

By creating valuable infographics, guest posts, and working on your outreach you’ll be building high-quality backlinks in no time. But you’ll need a way to keep track of them.

Next, we’ll cover how to monitor your site like a pro with tools like Backlink Watch.

How to Monitor Your Site with Backlink Watch

Building your backlinks is one thing but you need to keep track of them as well. There are super easy tools out there for your marketing team to easily keep track of your backlinks and make sure they are consistently relevant and of the highest possible quality.

Backlink Watch

Want to monitor your site like the pros? Need a free and simple tool for your team? Backlink Watch is it. This tool will return up to 1,000 links for your site, for free.

Simply enter your site URL into the box and Backlink Watch will generate a list of your active backlinks.

In the current SEO industry, more than 95% of the focus is on building high-quality backlinks.

Whether you’re an SEO specialist, marketing director, or just a business owner concerned with monitoring your site (and you should be), you should be keeping a close eye on your links, keywords, and more for not only your company but your competitors too.

Add Backlink Watch to your toolbox and monitor your site like a pro.