BackLinks Enhancements: Favorites and Tags

make money with your web siteWe are happy to announce two new enhancements to our high PageRank link-building system, Introducing Favorites and Tags…This new functionality allows you to quickly and easily categorize your web pages.

As you are searching for links, you may see a great web page but you aren’t ready to place the link yet. Perhaps you are placing links for another site but happen to find the perfect page for one of your other websites. Now, you can easily mark it as a favorite and come back to it later. You can also give it a tag (like “sports links”), and then use the dropdown boxes on the “Select Links” page to easily find them later.

You can also mark a web page as “hidden”. Hidden web pages will not appear by default as you are searching through web pages. For example, you may be promoting a site that sells speakers, but you keep seeing sites that talk about “guest speakers”. Now, you can hide any pages that reference “guest speakers” and you won’t see them as you go through web pages.

If you already have a BackLinks account, log in today to check out the new functionality. If you do not have a BackLinks account, sign up today to improve page rank with quality backlinks.