Tips for Selling Links: Optimize Your Titles for Link Buyers

We all know that site and page titles are important for SEO, but they can also help you sell more links. Both and allow link buyers to pick and choose the pages on which they want their links to be displayed. The first impression they have is the title of the page.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to attract their attention. Advertisers are looking for much of the same things a search engine looks for. Link buyers know that the more weight your site carries with the search engines, the more juice your page can bring to their link.

So, follow the tips below to optimize your page titles to attract search engines and link buyers.

Make Your Titles Meaningful
[RANDOME_ALPHA-NUMERIC_CHARACTERS].com might mean something to you, but it probably doesn’t mean much to search engines or potential link advertisers. It is fine to have your domain name in your page/site titles but be sure to include other useful words as well.

Put Keywords in Your Titles
I know that when I am searching for places to post links, I do a CTRL-F and search the list for a specific word. For example, I might enter “cars” into or to display car-related sites/pages. But, I know that just means that the word “cars” is in the page. I prefer if the keyword is in the title as well. So, I will do a CTRL-F and search for the word “car” to narrow down my choices.

Don’t Make Your Titles Too Short or Too Long
Your title tag should not be longer than 60 characters, but a short title won’t attract search engines or advertisers. Make your post titles a few words at least. (This goes for the title of your site as well!)