Awesome Social Signals and… David Hasslehoff?

Quality Backlinks For FREE


It’s Greg from the HOTH…Today I’m going to show you how you can get awesome social signals and links back to your site… for FREE…

Let me explain…

There has been a bunch of hooplah about social signals and whether or not they increase rankings.

Quicksprout did a study and says yes:


Searchmetrics, a huge data SEO provider said yes, even in 2012.

(And in their last update of search ranking factors, they even put Google +1s ABOVE backlinks!)


Matt Cutts said yes in 2010, no in 2012, and back to yes in 2015.


Some have pointed out that it may just be correlation, not causation.

….Or that sharing on social media helps attract more backlinks, so they go hand in hand.

And all of this can just leave you feeling like:




So, what should you do?

Well here’s my stance:

It all basically boils down to if you can have them, you should, for a plethora of direct and indirect reasons…
brand building
link diversity
referral traffic
And on top of that, all of this overlooks a huge factor –

All real sites, real brands, real businesses have social signals.

You see, building social profiles is a sign of a real brand that is alive and thriving…

…and that’s exactly what Google wants to see.

Plus, it will help protect you and diversify your link building (and you definitely need that in 2015!)

So, what is a good way to get started?

You can get started by claiming your brand on the top social sites.

That way you’ll get
Social signals
Brand links
Link Diversity
And more…
The only problem is that takes a long time and is excruciatingly boring when you should be working on things that really grow your business and bring in money.

So what is an SEO ninja to do?

Well, we took care of it for you…

Lock My Brand will build all your social profiles for you!

We will register the profile, upload your picture, put in a description, drop a link and everything!

And starting today through June 30, you can get it for FREE.

Yes that’s right, we’re giving away a free LMB 50 Profiles package to everyone that purchases a HOTH product worth $100 or more by June 30th!

… And what does David Hasslehoth have to do with this?

He’s going to show you exactly how you can get in on this deal:


Happy Tuesday,