Double Your Money Charity Promotion!!!

Our “Double Your Money” Promotion was so popular in December that people are STILL asking for it. We’ve decided to re-release it with a new spin. From now until February 28th, 2011 at 3PM, we’ll double your credits for any amount up to $250 one-time if you donate directly to one of the two charities we’ve chosen
(NOTE: Our company and/or its employees have no affiliation to these charities or are not in any way related to them. The only tie we have is that we like what they do and feel they’re legitimate charities with good causes).

Here’s how it works:

You make a donation DIRECTLY to one of the charities below through our company charity page. Your donation must be made through one of the pages we’ve set up to receive your credits.

  • If you donate $10,
    you get $20 in credits.
  • If you donate $250,
    you get $500 in credits.

Any donations above and beyond $250 will not get you more credits. HOWEVER, we will have the “Biggest Heart Award” for the person who makes the largest overall donation by February 28th at 3pm Eastern Standard Time. If there’s a tie for the largest donation, we’ll break the tie by the date of who gave the first donation. The winner will get $1000 in credits.

(NOTE: Although both charities are 501(c)(3) non-profits, your donation may not be tax-deductible as a charitable contribution since we’re giving you credits in return. We’re not accountants or lawyers so check with a professional to see how this works).

After you make a donation, just follow the directions listed on either charity page on how to receive your bonus credits.

Here are the two charities we’ve chosen:

Charity A: charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. charity: water currently works with more than 20 implementing water partners in 16 countries to assess and determine areas and communities of greatest need and uses 100% of public donations to directly fund sustainable water solutions in areas of greatest need.

Just $20 can give one person clean water for 20 years. Donors can see the GPS coordinates and Google Earth photos of the project they helped fund.

Find out more and make a charitable donation directly to charity: water >>

Charity B: is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. Here’s how it works: public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on Requests range from pencils for a poetry writing unit, to violins for a school recital, to microscope slides for a biology class. Then, you can browse project requests and give any amount to the one that inspires you.

Once a project reaches its funding goal, we deliver the materials to the school. You’ll get photos of your project taking place, a thank-you letter from the teacher, and a cost report showing how each dollar was spent. If you give over $100, you’ll also receive hand-written thank-you letters from the students.

Find out more and make a charitable donation directly to >>