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When I first tried Google Webmaster Tools, it immediately became part of my morning routine. I was getting a lot of useful information from my stats and other little tools, but this free tool provided some useful info that I wasn’t getting anywhere else.

Among other things, this snazzy tool lets you find out how Google sees your site, tells you which pages on your site have been submitted and which were indexed, and makes nice little suggestions for improvements that are specific to your website.

I can’t keep my eyes off the “Search Queries” section. From my site stats, I knew what people were searching for to get to my site. And, the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool told me how often people searched for certain phrases. But, Google combined the two into a single page with a nice trend graph and information about how your ranking has changed.

Did I mention that it is free?

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  1. Harry Fassett
    Harry Fassett says:

    Hey Sarah, Google Webmaster Tools is good. Of course I use a few other good tools like webCEO, Sheerseo, google trends, google keyword research tools etc. There are a ton of very good SEO/SEM tools out there for those who know how to use them.

    Anyway, I’ve been working with you guys for over three years now, and I definitely recommend your back linking services to anybody looking to increase their site pages rankings. Keep up the good work NextNetMedia!

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