Is PageRank on Its Way Out?

Link Building QuestionsA million years ago, when we first launched our flagship product, PageRank was unquestionably the most effective measure of a site’s authority in Google. Without a doubt, a link from a relevant PR5 would pass considerably more link juice/link electricity than a link from a comparable PR3.

Over the years, it has remained a very good indicator of authority, but other factors have become increasingly important. In response, we began implementing additional quality standards to pick up where PageRank left off. By instituting minimum backlink requirements, minimum MOZ Domain Authority scores, and a number of other quality requirements; we have been able to ensure that our inventory has the authority to justify the PageRank.

But now, Google has been hinting that updating and supporting PageRank is no longer a high priority.

This makes us wonder…Even with all of our independent quality metrics, is it time for us to transition our products away from PageRank?