Viral Content Marketing from The HOTH

Massive Update from The HOTH!

The case studies are in and the Beta testers are walking around with 2 thumbs up. It is official. The latest upgrade to The HOTH just took Viral Content Marketing to the next level, and Hothkateers are already starting to see results.

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Before we go into detail on the update, here is a quick refresher course on Viral Content Marketing from The HOTH.

The first step of The HOTH link building process is to create mini-authority top-level properties that link back to your site. These sites are heavily UX optimized with relevant images, video and multimedia, and they serve as the seed for the viral structure.

Then, the magic begins…

In the real world, when an authority site posts an article, other sites immediately begin writing responses that link back to it. The HOTH simulates exactly that with 2, completely independent viral link structures that push link juice up through 3 layers, through the ultra-optimized mini-authority properties that funnel all of that authority to your sites.

The real boost comes with the Volume Module, which syndicates your custom, unique articles across a private network, perfectly mimicking the path of viral content.

This private network was fine, but we knew we could do better…

Anyone that uses,, or any of our other premium link networks knows that NO ONE can build a website network like Next Net Media.

We put this experience to work on The HOTH and turned their fledgling network into a beefy system of authoritative sites that absolutely demands respect from the search engines.

The new network includes thousands of PageRanked, indexed sites with new sites coming online every day. Each site categorized, offering 24 separate verticals to give you the most relevant links.

We also incorporated some of the proprietary features that have made our other networks so successful including continuous link monitoring and automatic link replacement for an entire year if a site with your article becomes deindexed or looses PR.

You have to try it…

Fill out the deceptively short order form today, and see for yourself what Viral Content Marketing from The HOTH can do for your rankings.

Link well and prosper,
The Next Net Media Team