4 New PostLinks.com Features will Change the Way You Build Links

PostLinks_EnhancementIf you have multiple websites, manage more than one client, or just want to build links more efficiently, you MUST check out the latest PostLinks.com enhancements.

The recent changes make it easy to:

* Stay Organized and View Project Details at a Glance (Learn More…)
* Add Many Link Profiles at Once (Learn More…)
* Stay on Budget (Learn More…)
* Build Mass Link Queues (Learn More…)

Visit PostLinks.com today to try out these great new features!



Stay Organized and View Project Details at a Glance

Project folders allow you to group your Article Profiles and your Link Profiles together. You can create project folders for each campaign, each client, each website, you name it.

To view your link and credit stats for each project folder, click on the new “Project Folders” link in the navigation.

View Link Stats for a Project at a Glance

In “Article Profiles” and “Link Profiles” areas, you can add profiles to project folders and view only profiles in a certain folder.

Keep your Links Organized with Project Folders


Add Multiple Link Profiles at Once

Now, you can add many link profiles (Contextual and Comment Profiles) at the same time. Click the “Add Profiles” button.

Add Multiple Link Profiles - 1

Click the “Add Multiple URL’s” button.

Add Multiple Link Profiles - 2

Enter each URL on a new line and select a project folder (optional).

Add Multiple Link Profiles - 3

Each URL will be added as a separate link profile. If you selected a project folder, all new URL’s will be added to that project folder.


Stay on Budget

Our clients love the fact that they can create queues and specify a minimum and maximum PageRank for the links placed. The only downside is that the cost of a queue can vary greatly depending on whether more high PR links are placed or low PR links.

Now, you can specify a maximum budget for a queue and the queue will run until the queue is complete or the Maximum Budget has been reached, whichever comes first.

Link Building Maximum Budget


Build Mass Link Queues

I personally have had a few link building projects recently where I had a bunch of target URL’s with a multiple keywords that I wanted to promote. I know that I am not alone, so we had our developers create a Mass Campaign feature that allows you to create many queues at once.

Mass Link Queues - 1

Mass Link Queues - 2

Mass Link Queues - 3

After you click the “Place Links” button, queues will be created for each anchor text and each profile you selected.

Visit PostLinks.com today to try out these great new features!