We are constantly testing and tweaking link building formulas to make sure our clients have the most up-to-date information about the most effective link building strategies. One of the things we have verified over and over again is the importance of Anchor Text Distribution in a strong and sustainable link building portfolio.

We typically recommend the following link percentage breakdown:

10% to 20% “Direct Match” Keywords

By “Direct Match” keywords, we are referring to anchor text that uses your keywords and keyword phrases. For example: “electronic cigarette”, “electronic cigarette reviews”, “how to smoke an electronic cigarette”.

For direct match keyword links, we recommend Monthly or Rented Links. Click here to learn more about renting links.

30% to 40% “Branded” Keywords

Branded links are links with anchor text such as your website URL with and without the “http://”, company name,
product name, etc. We have found that strong sites with real authority have 30-40% of their links with branded anchor text.

30% to 40% “Natural” Keywords

Natural keyword anchor texts use unbranded term such as “click here”, “visit this website”, “learn more information”, etc. They make your link portfolio appear more natural because they emulate how blog and website owners would link to your site.

These types of keywords are good for use with permanent links. Click here to learn more about permanent links.