Monthly or Permanent Links Monthly Monthly or
Sites with PageRank Yes Yes Some
Link Monitoring Yes Yes Yes

Link Types:
Article Distribution Yes Yes
Stand Alone Links Yes Yes
Contextual/Content Links Yes Yes Yes
Comment Links Yes Yes

Monthly or Permanent Links

Permanent links are links that will be around as long as the page exists while monthly links are “rented”. Both link types have their advantages. Regardless of your link building strategy;,, and all monitor links continuously and adjust your credits when a link is removed.

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Sites with PageRank

While any quality link will help your rankings, extra weight is given to links from sites that have PageRank. Search engines like to see that authoritative sites think your website is important.

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Link Monitoring

The Internet is constantly changing. Sites change hands, pages are removed or updated, and website PageRank changes. One of the most time-consuming parts of any link-building strategy is monitoring your links. This means that someone checks every link on a regular basis to make sure it is still there and the site has the PageRank you are paying for.,, and all monitor links continuously and adjust your credits when a link is removed.

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Article Distribution

Articles are a great way to get your links out there because your link is surrounded by relevant, keyword-rich content. Articles are also a great way to get the word out about your company or products, promote videos, distribute press releases, and more.

Both and have built-in article outsourcing and the ability to publish articles on a daily or weekly schedule. They also both support Spyntax which makes it so that every time an article is published, the content is unique.

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Stand-Alone Links

Stand-Alone Links are the links you may see in the side navigation or footer of a site. Sometimes, they appear in “Recommended Links” sections, blog rolls, etc. They are incredibly effective links when you use the keywords for which you are trying to rank as the anchor text.

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Contextual/Content Links

Both Contextual and Content Links are great ways to surround your links with relevant content without having to write or outsource an article. Contextual links are when you take an existing keyword or keyword phrase in an article and make it a link to your site. Content Links are 120 character messages with a single link embedded in them.

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Comment Links

Comment Links are 256 character messages that are placed on relevant blog posts with a link to your site using your chosen anchor text.

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