Publisher Website Requirements

Nobody likes spammy sites…Smart Advertisers won’t buy links on them, they muck up our systems with unnecessary checks, and we all know they will eventually be kicked out of Google (and our networks) because they provide no value.

The good news is, with just a little effort, you can improve the quality of your sites and earn real money selling links.

Publisher DO’s

  • DO make sure your blog/website home page is indexed in Google
  • DO use a clean, fast, relevant theme instead of the default
  • DO get rid of “Hello World” pages, default comments, posts, etc.
  • DO make sure your site title is relevant to your category.
  • DO add a unique and relevant title to your blog.

Publisher DONT’s

  • DON’T keep “Hello World” pages, default comments, posts, etc.
  • DON’T use titles like “Buy Text Links” and or “Order Text Link Here”
  • DON’T make the title of your blog "Just another WordPress site"
  • DON’T use a boring default theme

Platform Specific Website Requirements

Minimum Domain Authority10+5+10+
Website LanguagesAny LanguageEnglish OnlyAny Language
Website Platform(s)• WordPress (Self-managed, not
WordPress Only (full install, not• WordPress (Self-managed, not
Adult TopicsYes – But, your site must be in the Adult category.No – Adult topics are not allowed in the domain name, content, or images on your site.Yes – But, your site must be in the Adult category.

How to Sell More Links and Earn More $$$

  • Boost Your DA with Basic Onsite SEO and Relevant Content (The minimum DA is 10, but advertisers really want 30+)
  • Improve your Cache Dates with Fresh Content and Site Tweaks. (Advertisers want their links on sites that are crawled frequently.)
  • Make Your Domain name, Site Title, and Content Relate to Each Other
  • Provide Meaningful, Relevant Content
  • Keep Your Page Load Times Under 6 Seconds
  • Focus on .com, .net, .info, .edu
  • Diversify Everything You Can; IP’s, themes/templates, content, whois info, etc.