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2013 Google Update Survival Kit – Automate Your Link Building

The latest tool in the 2013 Google Update Survival Kit is probably my favorite enhancement ever, and our BETA testers agree. Not only does it save massive amounts of time, but it also makes it incredibly easy to adhere to link building best practices.

Introducing Link Queues from

You may be familiar with link queues from or, but these queues pack a whole new kind of punch. Watch the video below to learn more. Then, go to to get started!


Other Tools in the 2013 Google Update Survival Kit

Our developers have been working hard to add tools that save time and make it easy to improve and maintain search engine rankings with Check out some of our other recent enhancements.

Content Link Ad Variant Generator

Buy and Sell text links

Content Links are proven to be some of the most effective links to improve and maintain search engine rankings. When you create a Content Link Ad, you enter a minimum of 5 “variants”. Variants are 120 character messages with your link embedded in them, making the link more relevant and diversifying your message.

Each time you place a Content Link, the system randomly chooses a variant. This unique feature makes it easy to create a zero-footprint link portfolio with diversified anchor text. The only downside is, it can take a little time to think up many 120 character messages…

At our Advertisers’ request, we built a Content Link Ad Variant Generator. Simply enter a list of keywords/keyword phrases, click a button; and the system will automatically generate countless variants for you to choose from.

The Content Link Ad Variant Generator is a great way to supplement your existing variants and get ideas for more variants of your own. You also have the option of adding your brand name (company, website, etc.) to further diversify your anchor text and the text of your variants.

Learn more about Content Links and the Content Link Ad Variant Generator…

Auto Link Replacement has always been the best value for link electricity.  If you have link on a site that loses PR, the credit is goes back into your account to place towards other links so that you always get the electricity that you are paying for. The problem is extra work babysitting your account.

We solved this issue with our new “Auto Link Replacement” functionality, which will automatically replace any links that lose PageRank or get de-indexed.

When a link is removed by the system or a publisher, the Auto Link Replacement functionality will automatically:

  • Replace the Lost Link with Another Link of the Same PageRank
    When links are replaced, your PR mix will stay the same, providing a stable base so you can concentrate on adding new links.
  • Replace the Lost Link on a Page with a Unique IP
    Having links on too many sites with the same IP does not give you as much bang for your buck.  Link and IP diversity is very important to surviving updates, so the Auto Link Replacement feature will first look for pages with unique IP’s.
  • Replace the Lost Link with a Link on a Page in the Same Category
    If you have a site about electronics, a link from a site about electronics will mean more to the search rankings than a link from a site about employment. The Auto Link Replacement feature will place links on pages in the same category as the lost link.

Learn more about Auto Link Replacement from…