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Breaking Now: Online Strategist Reveals PETA’s Content Marketing Secrets

Jordan Kasteler is no stranger to content marketing. He holds an impressive job title: he’s the Online Marketing Strategist for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). He’s also an author, speaker, and a successful Internet entrepreneur. The guy knows his stuff.

In 2012, two of Kasteler’s articles made it onto a “top ten” list featured on the industry-leading SEO blog Search Engine Land. One of those articles boasted 40,000 unique pageviews. That’s mighty impressive on its own, but the social shares were what made the post downright legendary. It scored 708 Facebook likes, 2,004 tweets, 1,353 LinkedIn shares, and 389 +1′s on Google+. Anyone who promotes content on the ‘net knows just how exceptional those stats are for a single piece.

We should all be so lucky.

Kasteler says his articles were great quality, sure, but he attributes the bulk of their success to his personal promotion strategy. That’s why he released a brand new Search Engine Land column spilling the beans about his content marketing technique. Drooling yet?

Hit All the Old Standbys

Kasteler swears by one of the most commonly used content marketing practices on the Web: social sharing. He touches on his methodology for each platform he uses. The common thread? His adherence to the Golden Rule in as many interactions as possible.

For example, on Twitter, Kasteler tries to “favorite” as many tweets mentioning his article as he can. He points out that a viral article may make this impossible, so do as much as you can within your particular time constraints. Don’t sacrifice work by attempting to reply to everyone who plugs your stuff – just do it often and consistently.

Kasteler also shares every one of his posts on LinkedIn. The professional network is a goldmine for almost any niche, and as he points out in his article, LinkedIn groups are where it’s at. Kasteler makes an effort to join as many groups in his industry as possible (he’s in the social media/search crowd). He does this in order to gain access to LinkedIn’s “Share to Groups” feature.

He also checks the privacy settings on his Google+ content. Whenever he links to something or gives it a +1, he ensures the privacy level is set to “Public” so other people can see it and, hopefully, pass it along to others. Kasteler also touts the wonders of G+ Ripples in his column:

Tap into Your Niche

Kesteler also submits his posts to social sharing and voting communities in his niche. He says every niche has these kinds of sites, and they’re priceless for the potential shares you’ll receive.

He says to seek out websites and directories in your industry and find ones that allow you to submit your work. The best part about this technique is that the entire audience is targeted niche traffic. He throws out a few examples to get you started:,,,, and

One juggernaut of a content marketing strategy that Kesteler didn’t mention in his piece is the power of blogging communities. Scout out the hardcore members of your niche (hint: they’re the ones with the oldest, most successful blogs on the block). When you find them, connect – promote their content selflessly on your own blog or website, comment on their own sites routinely, and establish a dialogue. Before you know it, you’ll start seeing your stuff shared on high-traffic sites full of traffic that’s primed to discover – and love – your site.