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2013 Google Update Survival Kit – Auto Link Replacement understands how hard it is to survive into the new environment of continuous rolling updates by Google.  While the rest of the world is prepping for societal disasters, SEO Professionals are always prepping for the next Search Engine Updates.  Keeping up with your links, and sanity, is a becoming increasingly burdensome.

You have to figure out how to grow your link electricity, while at the same time evaluating which of your current links are still providing electricity.  When clients say they want Permanent Links, what they are really saying is that they want permanent link electricity. Add this workload to the constant onsite analysis, and it can leave you with a lot more work and less certain results.

We have been working all year to develop a Preparedness Strategy which includes powerful new functionality. Don’t Just Survive – Thrive!  We will be updating you with all the new features in the next few weeks starting with our Auto Link Replacement functionality…

Introducing Auto Link Replacement from

Buy and Sell text  has always been the best value for link electricity.  If you have link on a site that loses PR, the credit is goes back into your account to place towards other links so that you always get the electricity that you are paying for. The problem is extra work babysitting your account.

We solved this issue with our new “Auto Link Replacement” functionality, which will automatically replace any links that lose PageRank or get de-indexed.

Here’s how it works…

When a link is removed by the system or a publisher, the Auto Link Replacement functionality will automatically:

  • Replace the Lost Link with Another Link of the Same PageRank
    When links are replaced, your PR mix will stay the same, providing a stable base so you can concentrate on adding new links.
  • Replace the Lost Link on a Page with a Unique IP
    Having links on too many sites with the same IP does not give you as much bang for your buck.  Link and IP diversity is very important to surviving updates, so the Auto Link Replacement feature will first look for pages with unique IP’s.
  • Replace the Lost Link with a Link on a Page in the Same Category
    If you have a site about electronics, a link from a site about electronics will mean more to the search rankings than a link from a site about employment. The Auto Link Replacement feature will place links on pages in the same category as the lost link.

Many SEO professionals think they get penalized during a Google update, but often the reality is that your old permanent links are not passing the electricity anymore.  Auto Link Replacement has your flank covered!

Enabling Auto Link Replacement for your Account

  • If you do not have a account, Register Today. Auto Link Replacement will automatically be enabled on your account.
  • If you already have account, log into your control panel and click the “Edit Account” button to enable this functionality for your account. (If you signed up after January 1, 2013, the Auto Link Replacement function is already enabled. )

Once this powerful functionality is enabled, just sit back and enjoy the free time or go out and get new clients!