Control Panel Enhancement

Based on customer feedback, we recently introduced a new interface for managing Standard Link Ads. The new interface combines your link ads (target pages) by URL, so it has never been easier to manage campaigns with multiple anchor texts.

To learn more, watch the new Advertiser Video Tutorial:
Creating and Managing Standard Link Ads


In the “Classic” interface, you would add a separate link ad for each Target URL, Category, and Anchor Text. So, if you were building links for 25 different keywords, you would have 25 separate Standard Link Ads, even if the URL and Category are the same. For users with a lot of keywords, this was very cumbersome to manage. In the “New” interface, the anchor texts are combined under the same Target URL and Category. So, if you are building links for 25 different keywords for the same URL and Category, you can now manage them under a single link ad.