Google Says Don’t Worry About Link Warning Emails

Since the very first link warning emails, SEO professionals have known to ignore them. Google knows as well as anyone that they cannot take action on sites, just because their algorithm thinks they might be buying links.

Why? Because then sites would improve their rankings by link-spamming their competitors, and Google’s algorithm would have even less of an idea of who to trust.

Finally, even Google had to admit that folks should just ignore the link warnings. To find out more, check out this great article by Danny Sullivan:
Insanity: Google Sends New Link Warnings, Then Says You Can Ignore Them

So, don’t worry about the link messages. Just continue sticking to the fundamentals: Make a site worth visiting, update your content occasionally, and build a diverse portfolio of quality links.

07/23/2012 – Update from Matt Cutts

In a recent update on his Google + page, Matt Cutts said the following:

Hey Danny, I wanted to mention that I updated my Google+ post. An engineer worked over the weekend and starting with the messages that we sent out on Sunday, the messages are now different so that you can tell which type of situation you’re in. We also changed the UI in the webmaster console to remove the yellow caution sign for these newer messages. That reflects the fact that these newer notifications are much more targeted and don’t always require action by the site owner.

To read the full post, go to: