Free Facebook Likes and Google Plusones for Trying our Powerful Content Link Ads

Buy and Sell text links continues to perform very well for our clients’ rankings.  We update our functionality as Search Engines Update their formulas.

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Vary your anchor text
  2. Use your brand name and/or domain name in some of your anchor texts
  3. Diversify your link portfolio with Content Link Ads

With Content Link Ads, you can embed your link in 120 characters of text to improve the authority and relevance of the content around your link.

For more information about Content Link Ads, view our Video Tutorial.

To encourage you to try Content Link Ads, has lowered the price.  Our Content Links Ads are now the same price as Standard Links Ads!

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How to Take Advantage of this Offer

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  1. Place your Content Link Ads in your account.
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    — Make the subject of the email -Content Links Promo Complete-
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  4. Add the Facebook like and Plusone counter code to your web page.
    1. For Facebook instructions, click here.