Hey WordPress Publishers!

PostLinks Publisher BonusesThanks to an increased demand for high quality WordPress blogs, we are bringing back our PostLinks Publisher Bonus program. For the month of March, 2017, we are offering a $3 - $5 bonus for each new qualifying blog you add to your publisher account. Check out the requirements below and get your sites added before this opportunity ends!

For Each MOZ DA 25+ Blog

For Each MOZ DA 10-24 Blog

Our Advertisers want their guest posts on quality blogs that offer genuine SEO value. To be eligible for the bonus, your site must meet the minimum requirements below.

  • Good Quality with Real SEO Value
In other words, no cloaking, redirecting, or other trickery that would not help an advertiser’s rankings. Our system also checks for number of backlinks and other key metrics to verify that the DA is real.

  • Specific Domain Extensions
    Only domains with the following domain extensions qualify: .com, .net, .org,,, .eu
  • Unique root domain

    Sub-domains (, are allowed in the system and can increase your share of the monthly reoccurring income. But, only unique root domains are eligible for the bonus.

  • New to the PostLinks system
Feel free to re-enable older blogs and start earning credits with them again, but only domains that have not been added to the system before will qualify for the bonus.
  • Accept posts
    As a PostLinks publisher, you can choose which link types you want to accept, but guest posts are required for a site to qualify.

  • English Only
    At this time, we only accept English blogs in the system.

  • No adult titles, domain names, content, images, etc. 

    Add them to instead and earn monthly reoccurring income for each link sold. Join >

  • Added and activated between March 1st and March 31st, 2017.
  • Bounty payments will be sent out on June 1st, 2017; and sites must continue to meet the requirements above to qualify for payment.