Write SEO Articles and Optimize Articles for the Search Engines

Article marketing has become a very popular way of generating traffic and improving PageRank. With a little article spinning, you can use a single piece of writing to add fresh content to your site, generate exposure, drive traffic, and get valuable backlinks that are embedded in relevant content.

But, there are differences between a regular article and an SEO article. While standard articles are written to educate or inspire a reader, SEO articles are written for the search engines. Yes, they need to be human readable as well, but that isn’t the primary focus. SEO articles are about keywords and keyword density.

It is generally best to have your keywords in mind before you start writing your SEO article. Once you have a short list of keywords, think of the phrases that people might use when they search for your terms. These phrases will come in handy as you create the title and content. They might even inspire the topic for your SEO article.

If you are allowed links in your article or resource box, be sure to use one of your keywords or keyword phrases as the anchor text instead of your website address. This will significantly improve the quality of the backlink.

After you have your keywords and a few keyword phrases, get to work on your title. The title is the first thing that a search engine spider encounters when it hits your article.

The title must do two things. First, it needs to have the keywords you are optimizing the article for. Second, it needs to grab the attention of the person browsing through the search results. It can be hard to find this balance, but it is necessary to keep both in mind when you are writing your title. Also, you may need a few different versions of the title when you start distributing the article in order to avoid duplicate content penalties.

Many article distribution services will ask for a summary. Definitely use a few of your keywords. But, like your title, you must remember to make it easy to read for a human.

Obviously, the body of your SEO article presents the most opportunities for embedding your keywords. Since search engine spiders read from top to bottom, it can help to make your keyword density greater at the beginning of your article. Don’t go overboard though. You don’t want your SEO article to be ignored because of keyword spamming.

Finally, don’t forget about the resource box. Most article distribution services allow you to add a byline about your and/or your company. This is a great place to incorporate the keyword phrases from your SEO article. If they allow a link, be sure to use your keyword as your anchor text.

Writing SEO articles doesn’t have to be hard, and the rewards can be big. Just make yourself a short and clear keyword list and do your best to work them into every part of the article, from title to resource box.