Improve Search Engine Rankings with these New Years Resolutions

As you make out your list of New Years resolutions, don’t forget about the search engine health of your websites. Make 2011 a great year by making some simple resolutions to improve your search engine rankings and increase the PageRank of your sites.

I Resolve to Keep Building Backlinks
Regardless of how many links you have going back to your site today, search engines like to see that number grow. You can build backlinks manually by commenting on blogs, participating in forums, and exchanging links with individual site owners. Or, you can save time by buying links from a reputable link brokerage.

I Resolve to Continue Publishing Articles
Articles are a great way to promote your website and improve search engine rankings and PageRank through embedded links. A good article submission service makes it easy to get the word out there.

I Resolve to Update My Site with Fresh Content
Keep the search engine spiders coming back for more by continuously offering new content, packed with keywords. If you don’t have time to write the content yourself, you can still get free articles for your website.

I Resolve to Look for New Keywords to Target
Check your site statistics to see if there are new words that people are using to get to your site. Often, you will find keywords or keyword phrases that you haven’t thought of. Add some new content to target these keywords and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

I Resolve to Remember to Link Internally
Links to your site from within your site can also help your search engine rankings. Be sure to use appropriate anchor text and link to the full URL of the page.

I Resolve to Stay Up to Date on SEO Techniques
Search engine algorithms change and new strategies are introduced to keep your PageRank high and your site optimized. Learn about the latest search engine optimization tips and consider consulting an SEO specialist.