The Best Spyntax Generators and Article Spinning Tools

Unique content is key when it comes to on-site SEO, but finding or creating unique articles can be time consuming and/or expensive. To avoid duplicate content penalties, many people use “Spyntax” (or Spintax) in their articles and then spin them into unique pieces.

With Spyntax, you specify alternate words or phrases to replace words or phrases in your article. Then, a spinner tool can select a random choice for each instance of Spyntax and generate a unique piece of writing. The more Spyntax you use in your content, the more unique each spun article will be.

We have tried a number of Spyntax generators and article spinning tools, and below are our top choices for paid and free software.

The Best Spinner
The Best Spinner absolutely lives up to its name. Its thesaurus is the most intelligent we have seen. Not only does it have countless synonyms for words, but the thesaurus also has alternatives for entire phrases. The software is able to do this by incorporating word and phrase alternatives entered by people as they use the system. On top of that, The Best Spinner has unlimited Spyntax nesting, and you can spin entire sentences and paragraphs.

Once you have generated your Spyntax, you can spin and export your articles or copy and paste the Spyntax for use in another system.

You have to check out the video on their site.

SimpleSpinner (Free)
SimpleSpinner does not have all of the features and flexibility of The Best Spinner Tool, but it is the best of the free tools we looked at. (It is web-based, but we could not get it to work in Internet Explorer. You might have to use FireFox.)

We like SimpleSpinner because it is easy. Although it doesn’t have the intelligent thesaurus of The Best Spinner, it does a pretty good job of generating basic Spyntax at the click of a button.

The hardest part of using SimpleSpinner is registering and getting access to the system. After you go to the SimpleSpinner website and register (on the right-hand side), you will receive an email with a link to confirm the registration. Now, here’s the kicker…There are no instructions when you confirm your registration and there is no login box on the website. You simply have to wait for a second email with a link to the software.

Even so, SimpleSpinner is a great free tool for those just getting started with article spinning.

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