Hey Link Sellers…This is Important!

Anyone who has ever sold a backlink knows that links from good quality sites are worth a heck of a lot more than links from spammy sites. But, how do we know which sites are garbage and which sites provide real value?

Well, up until recently, Google PageRank has been the industry standard for gauging the quality of a site. Then, Google announced they would no longer update PageRank in the toolbar.

Without reliable PageRank data, SEO professionals can no longer trust this metric. If they can’t trust it, neither can we.


No More PageRank, Starting Soon…

Within the next few weeks, we will begin transitioning the BackLinks and PostLinks systems to use MOZ Domain Authority instead of PageRank. We chose MOZ DA because it is an independent site scoring system that takes a broader range of SEO metrics into consideration. (Learn more)

This is Great News!

We have been planning for this since our survey last year, so our systems are all ready to fill the needs of the growing number of folks searching for high DA links.

All of your sites are ready to go and you don’t have to do a thing.
Nothing will change with the BackLinks or PostLinks code/plugin, so you don’t have to do a single thing once we switch to DA. Plus, we have required a minimum MOZ Domain Authority of 10 for quite awhile, so all of your active sites should already have a high enough DA to qualify.

Switching to Domain Authority will not affect your current earnings.
Any links that you sell before we switch things over will continue to earn the same monthly commission. Your commission for new links (even if they are on old sites), will be based on the new pricing structure. This may change down the road though, so you might want to work on improving your Domain Authority in the meantime.

We should have things wrapped up by THE END OF NOVEMBER.
We will be making changes throughout the month as finalize our commission structure, but it won’t really affect you until your next payout. (We are doing our best to come up with pricing/commission that is as fair as possible to both Publishers and Advertisers.)

There is Plenty of Time to Boost Your Earning Potential

Since your commission will be based on the MOZ DA of your site, you can boost your earning potential by improving your DA. According to the MOZ site,  “The best way to influence this metric is to improve your overall SEO.”

So, we have updated our Link Seller Website Guidelines to include basic SEO and site requirements that will help you boost your MOZ Domain Authority and earn more per link.


If you still have questions, contact us.