Link Seller Quality Guidelines

We are in the process of updating our Site Quality Guidelines to reflect recent changes in SEO and common requests from our link buyers.

Site Quality Guidelines

A Consistent Topic

Nothing turns a potential link buyer off more than a domain name about hockey, with a site title about realty, that has content about mortgages and pet food. To keep advertisers from nixing links, pick a topic for each website and stick with it.

Meaningful and Relevant Page Titles

When advertisers look for link pages, the first thing they see is your title. Make your page titles meaningful and on-topic to attract better advertisers.

Fast-Loading Pages

Search engines don’t like slow sites, so neither do our advertisers. Cheap hosting from known SEO hosts can cost you link sales, so keep that in mind when you are shopping for hosts.


Different IP’s, different themes/templates, different content, different whois info…The more diverse your sites are, the more your sites will appeal to link buyers.

Useful, Interesting, Real Content

Just about any Top Level Domain (TLD) is allowed, but folks have a tendency to prefer .com, .net, .info, and (of course) .edu.

.com, .net, .info, .edu

Just about any Top Level Domain (TLD) is allowed, but folks have a tendency to prefer .com, .net, .info, and (of course) .edu.

Wordpress Site Owners

Get rid of the default pages and comments

When you install WordPress, it automatically adds a post, comment, page, etc. to help you get started. Nothing screams spam blog more than a “Hello World!” post. Please remove these default pages.

Switch Up Your WordPress Theme

With so many great themes out there, it makes no sense to always use the default wordpress theme. If you have a bunch of blogs, please mix things up by using different themes.

Noindex Your Archive Pages

Noindex your author, tag, category, and date archives to help avoid duplicate content penalties. (Click here to learn more.)