New Client Needs Inventory

sarahMarieWith thousands of independent publisher blogs and millions of pages available for links, you would think we would not need to put out a call for inventory…But here we are.

We just brought on a client that needs hundreds of sites that meet a very specific set of criteria. These select sites will receive a steady stream of consistent content and reoccurring revenue that continues to grow month over month.

If you have extra domain names that you aren’t using or have existing blogs that you can modify, check out the details below.


Sarah Marie
Product Development
Next Net Media


What Exactly Is The Client Looking For?

Website Requirements:

  • Good clean WordPress blogs that meet the other site requirements: PageRank 1+, Indexed in Google, WordPress Blog (not
  • Hosted on diverse IP’s with different themes, etc.
  • No spammy, questionable, or controversial content, links, images, or ads.
  • Generic blog titles that are not tied to specific niches.
  • Sites in the Miscellaneous category that are not themed for anything in particular like business, health etc.

Domain Name Requirements:

Although we are looking for WordPress blogs, the domain name of the is also very important to this client.

  • Very general, non-specific domain names without city names, brand names, company names, etc.
  • Nothing spammy-looking (ie:,
  • No questionable or controversial words (ie: http://antychryst.whatever, penis-19187.whatever)
  • ONLY .com, org, .net

Can You Help?

If you have good quality wordpress blogs that meet the criteria above, add them to your Publisher Account (if you haven’t already) and then send us the domain name so we can have the client check it out.

1) Log into your Control Panel or create a new Publisher Account. GO >

2) Add your website(s) to the system.

3) Contact us through your dashboard and send us a list of websites so we can highlight them for our client.



How will I get paid?

These blogs would work just like your other blogs. The only difference is, blogs that the client likes will receive a consistent stream of posts, which can give you a larger revenue share at the end of the month. publishers earn credits for every post, comment, and contextual link they choose to allow on their site. Then, once a month, publishers are paid a percentage of the total revenue earned by the system.

So, the more credits you have the larger your revenue share. Get Started >

How do I know if my blog is right for this client?

Even if your blog is not quite right for this project, it might be perfect for one of our thousands of other advertisers. So, if you have a good clean WordPress blog that has PageRank, go ahead and add it to your Publisher Account.  Get Started >