You Know a Special Offer is a Success When…

You know a special offer is a success when you have to call in reinforcements to keep up with the demand. We received such an overwhelming response to our “Do It For Me” promo that we have decided to extend the offer a while longer and add two more permanent members to the NextNetMedia team.

Get to Know Our New SEO Consultants


Greg Webb

Greg has been the lead SEO consultant for The HOTH for quite awhile, but his experience and expertise have been so valuable that we decided to make him a full-on member of the Next Net Media team.

If you have questions about The HOTH,, or any other Next Net Media products, he’s your man.

Contact Greg at:
1-800-737-5820 ext 14
Skype: GregNextNet


Shannon Harper

Shannon may be new to the Next Net Media team, but she is far from new to SEO. She came to us with a solid background in search engine optimization, and her strategies and methodology worked so well with the Next Net Media suite of products that we couldn’t wait to add her to the team.

Like Greg, Shannon can help you with any of the SEO products at Next Net Media, but she is particularly keen on

Contact Shannon at:
1-800-737-5820 ext 15
Skype: ShannonNextNet

What is this Promo That People Can’t Get Enough Of?

Last month, we announced our “Do It For Me” Promo, where our seasoned SEO Team would build your links for you, at no extra charge, if you purchased $100 or more in credits.

We had a feeling that this would be of interest to our advertisers, but the response was absolutely overwhelming. We don’t know how much longer this offer will be available, so if you are interested, you had better get started.

To learn more, log into your Control Panel, and click on “Do It For Me” Promo in the side nav.

Do It For Me Promo