Confused By The Latest Google Update?

Confused by the last update?The latest search engine update caught some folks by surprise, but honestly, it just reinforced what we have been saying for quite awhile: The most successful and sustainable link portfolios focus on diversity.

During an update, search engines may give preferential treatment to certain types of links while other link types may be devalued so they do not pass as much link electricity. If too many links in your portfolio pass less link electricity, you may see a dip in your rankings.

The best way to protect your site is to diversify everything. The sites that pulled ahead in the last update were those with:

  • An anchor text profile with a good blend of direct match keywords (i.e. widgets in Denver), brands (i.e., and unbranded anchor text (i.e. click here).
  • A diverse mix of link types (articles, content links, etc.) that pass different strengths of link electricity.

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